Definition of badge engineering in English:

badge engineering


mass noun
  • The practice of marketing a motor vehicle under two or more brand names or badges.

    • ‘Yes, badge engineering is being used again and behind the sleek bodywork and interior, massaged drivetrain and modified chassis, is a Rover 75 station wagon.’
    • ‘That's probably a good thing, considering how long GM was deservedly blasted for allowing cookie-cutter styling and shameless badge engineering to overrun its once-great portfolio.’
    • ‘The sheer size of the operation makes it imperative to produce as many vehicles as possible from the same tooling sets, which places a premium on badge engineering.’
    • ‘While I am definitely not a fan of badge engineering, it is a feather in the cap of the local GeeEmm plant.’
    • ‘The most modern interpretation of badge engineering can work rather nicely, though, especially at the lowest end of the market where prestige and cachet don't figure.’