Definition of bada bing in English:

bada bing


North American
  • Used to emphasize that something will happen effortlessly and predictably.

    ‘follow the appropriate twelve-step program and—bada bing—you're rolling in it’
    • ‘I hit my reset button and bada bing, I now have a dead PC.’
    • ‘Finally, the bride drinks a little holy water from one side of the vase, the groom drinks a little from the other side, and bada-bing, bada-boom, they’re hitched.’
    • ‘We found out each other had a bad day and bada boom bada bing, we were palling around like old buddies.’
    • ‘Slip on these exotic sandals and bada-bing you're looking fabulous.’
    • ‘Well, fast-forward a few years, bada bing, cultural icon.’
    • ‘Any doofus can go buy a keyboard, some software and bada boom, bada bing - you are a musician.’
    • ‘You say a couple things in class (they don't even have to make sense), the prof smiles at you and bada boom bada bing, you're passing the course.’


Probably imitating the sound of a drum roll; popularized by the US television series The Sopranos.


bada bing

/ˌbɑːdə ˈbɪŋ/