Definition of bacteriocin in English:



  • A protein produced by bacteria of one strain and active against those of a closely related strain.

    • ‘It is becoming evident however that some strains that appear to have similar spectra of inhibitory activity produce quite different bacteriocins.’
    • ‘Preliminary data indicate bacteriocins may be effective in reducing other foodborne bacteria such as Salmonella and Escherichia coli.’
    • ‘They produce antibiotics known as bacteriocins that are poisonous to their own species.’
    • ‘For example, certain protein receptors are common to a colicin and a virulent phage; others, like the fig product, can adsorb a bacteriocin, virulent phages of distinct origins, and even a temperate phage.’
    • ‘Partly it may be due to its production of the so-called enterocins, a family of bacteriocins, which are antimicrobial peptides produced by some bacterial strains.’


1950s: from French bactériocine, from Greek baktērion ‘small cane’ + a shortened form of colicin.