Definition of bactericide in English:



  • A substance which kills bacteria.

    • ‘Discourage the disease next spring by applying a streptomycin antibiotic or copper with a bactericide while the tree is in bloom.’
    • ‘The company has spent two years developing a bedside cabinet, which is moulded from high-grade polyethylene impregnated with a continually active anti-microbial bactericide.’
    • ‘Good cultural practices and the purchase of healthy plants will reduce the chance of disease although most fungal and bacterial diseases may be controlled using commercially available fungicides and bactericides.’
    • ‘After treatment with 80 l of 10 mM kanamycin, which is a bactericide, drug-sensitive bacteria were streaked onto drug-free plates to confirm that they had been killed.’
    • ‘Yes, not actually eating, but the alpha-streptococci emits a type of bactericide which kills the pathogenic bacteria.’
    • ‘He views fungicides, bactericides, insecticides, and herbicides flowing through the waxy peaks and valleys of the leaf surface, just as water flows on planet Earth.’
    • ‘It is considered to be a more effective bactericide than aqueous chlorine and it reduces the formation of chlorinated organics.’
    • ‘In general, the vase life of cut flowers depended on the bactericide and carbohydrate content of the ‘holding solution’.’
    • ‘But upon reacting with the drug, the enzyme inadvertently triggers the release and activation of the bactericide triclosan, concealed within NB2001, causing the bacteria to self-destruct.’
    • ‘The buffer solutions used were 0.01 M sodium phosphate at pH 7, with 0.02% sodium azide added as a bactericide.’
    • ‘Pesticides are made up of agrochemicals and are usually classified according to their principal use as, for example, fungicides, bactericides, insecticides, nematicides, miticides, etc.’
    • ‘He also mentions the invention of bactericide and birth control.’
    • ‘When infection is confirmed in or near your field, implement a timely program of fungicides and bactericides with protectant and systemic modes of action.’
    • ‘Microbial interactions within nonagricultural fruit of natural ecosystems seem never to have been examined from the perspective of ethanol and its potential role as a bactericide.’
    • ‘At the same time, essential oils prevent congestion of the eliminative process of the skin and expedite the removal of toxins, improve circulation, act as bactericides and anti-inflammatories and calm sensitive and damaged skin.’
    • ‘They are undoubtedly the finest natural bactericide that because of their potency can be dangerous in the wrong hands.’
    germicide, antiseptic, sterilizer, sanitizer, cleaning agent, cleansing agent, cleanser, decontaminant
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