Definition of baconer in English:



  • A pig fit for being made into bacon and ham, typically heavier than both a porker and a cutter.

    • ‘Pigs, I am afraid, are still in their post-Christmas depression and there are a lot of baconers struggling to make much over 90p/kilo.’
    • ‘In the pig section, trade remains stagnant with the bottom end of the baconers running from 97p-kilo up to 105p/kilo; and the lighter quality porkers running just over 110p/kilo.’
    • ‘It was necessary to weigh the baconers regularly because the pig factory was strict about its specifications.’
    • ‘Pig prices hit a six year Autumn-high at the Gunnedah saleyards yesterday with the best of the baconers $6 a head dearer.’
    • ‘Pigs are just holding on, with baconers running from 88-95p/kilo and the best porkers up to 102p/kilo.’
    • ‘Pigs, however, have taken a mini turn for the better and baconers are making from 85-95p with some of the better gilts now going up to 100p/kilo.’
    • ‘The pork trade has melted a little and baconers are running from around 90p/kilo upwards with lightweight porkers at 102p/kilo.’
    • ‘I brought one of the baconers for $90 which was unbelievably cheap.’
    • ‘The pig market has been surprisingly buoyant after Christmas and baconers have been making from around 105p/kilo up to 114p for lighter weights.’
    • ‘Pigs are moving along very nicely and baconers are priced from 103-108p/kilo with lighter weight porkers getting up to 112p/kilo.’
    • ‘Pigs have taken a dip and baconers are running from 90p/kilo upwards with the best porkers coming in at around 105p/kilo.’
    • ‘The farmers, who supply Watsonia about 130 baconers a week from their farm at Tenindewa, have won the Watsonia Contract Grower of the Year Award in the category of more than 4000 pigs supplied per annum.’
    hog, boar, sow, porker, swine, piglet
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