Definition of backyard in English:



  • 1A yard at the back of a house or other building.

    • ‘Whether you're the outdoorsy type or a backyard party master the Web has some sites to enlighten your summer experience.’
    • ‘After about five hours we had cleaned everything, from the kitchen to my room and from the backyard to the front yard.’
    • ‘This bit of roof is at the righthand side of the house and we could see into the backyard of the house next door.’
    • ‘The youngsters raided the backyards of houses, appropriating the ‘besoms’ or brooms usually kept there, and these they subsequently used as torches on Guy Fawkes Day, or rather, night.’
    • ‘Glancing across the yard, he saw a willow tree in the backyard of the next house, and sitting in it was a girl.’
    • ‘It's also partly because it's a real hassle living in a house with a backyard.’
    • ‘Corrugated huts house additional families in backyards and the shanty towns overflow with new arrivals.’
    • ‘Our home was a modest four-bedroom house with a backyard of grass and rose bushes.’
    • ‘A half-glass door, also white, allows access along the side of the house to the backyard.’
    • ‘It was previously part of a backyard belonging to a house which has since been incorporated into the school property.’
    • ‘She wanted her to grow up in a nice house with a backyard, so she could play.’
    • ‘She gazed out the window, at the tree house in the backyard, her eyes vacant.’
    • ‘The residents were directed to whitewash houses, clean backyards and houses, fence wells and clean latrines twice a day, within 24 hours.’
    • ‘The backyards and high tech buildings may house refrigerator-sized fuel cells.’
    • ‘Through a side window we can see a large, ungainly pig sloshing through mud and muck in the backyard of the house.’
    • ‘The backyards of these houses, in consequence, became smaller and more irregular, frequently in shadow for most of the day.’
    • ‘Some of these properties have steep driveways and no backyards or side yards to accommodate parking spaces, garages and storage workshops.’
    • ‘For many years, dealers have been operating on an uneven playing field where traders have been operating and selling cars from their backyards, through auction houses and car fairs.’
    • ‘Front yards, side yards, backyards disappear; porches are no more.’
    • ‘Here's a guy who sets up his house and his backyard like a playground for children.’
    backyard, garden
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    1. 1.1North American A back garden.
      • ‘Moving to the back, Austin reached for the garden gate and entered his backyard.’
      • ‘His botanical images, which reveal the brilliant colors of nature and the strange forms and unique textures of flowers from people's backyards from around the world, have become his signature.’
      • ‘Bricks, logs and other materials have been recycled into a retaining wall to keep dirt from the basketball court and into backyards as borders for gardens, many of which boast impressive rose gardens.’
      • ‘My mom grows hundreds of flowers in our backyard, and I helped plant most of them.’
      • ‘It involves a simple count of the number of birds visiting a garden or backyard in an hour.’
      • ‘In the warm months, I enjoy watching the animals that are attracted to the flowers in my backyard.’
      • ‘Students sketched ‘attractive lawns and backyards and [gave] suggestions of what native shrubbery to use and when to transplant it’ in this class.’
      • ‘I watched the flower in our backyard, day after day, as the huge purple petals unfolded.’
    2. 1.2informal The area close to where one lives, regarded with proprietorial concern:
      ‘children must be made aware of environmental issues in their own backyard’
      • ‘If they cannot be open-minded and fair in their own backyard, they should be ignored in other areas as well.’
      • ‘These same concerns are no where to be seen in our own backyard.’
      • ‘I hope people will turn up and support us because if you've got people cheering you on, in your own backyard, it has got to help.’
      • ‘You are looking for new people, so let's start with right in your own backyard.’
      • ‘When my home PC slowed down then started crashing a couple of days ago, I knew it was time to go on a malware hunt in my own backyard.’
      • ‘His latest album celebrates another lost community, but this time right in his own backyard.’
      • ‘He insists that, despite the game's international attractions, he has more important business to attend to in his own backyard.’
      • ‘The common perception was they weren't going to lose in their own backyard.’
      • ‘In their own backyard they can see if their products and services will fly, without losing too much face.’
      • ‘Whereas for India, this is happening essentially in our own backyard.’
      • ‘Facing these views at home, and in my own backyard, has been much more trying.’
      • ‘We have so many issues here in our own backyard that we need to pay attention to that this is where the Peace movement is going.’
      • ‘As such it's in our own backyard and close enough, for those who can afford it, to drive to.’
      • ‘The opportunity to see an artist who puts on a good show in your own backyard or at a small venue is priceless.’
      • ‘Everybody supports competition, but then says competition should not be allowed in their own backyard.’
      • ‘As a result it is our responsibility to ensure these spaces in our own backyard remain clean and free of rubbish for the community to enjoy.’
      • ‘Nor do we need to be persuaded to make efforts to resist that happening in our own backyard.’
      • ‘Here again, the balance of forces is an order of magnitude more difficult to manage than in our own backyard.’
      • ‘Yet, he does not even know about spending mistakes in his own backyard.’
      • ‘After seeing what was out there in the other schools, he was able to view what was in his own backyard with a new appreciation.’