Definition of backward roll in English:

backward roll


  • A gymnastic exercise in which a person tucks their head down and rolls their body in a backward circle on the floor.

    ‘he impresses his partner with a backward roll during practice’
    • ‘She singles me out in this class, and makes me try several backwards rolls to see if I can feel the difference.’
    • ‘It wasn't just her singing that raised eyebrows, but also her doing the splits and a dodgy backwards roll!’
    • ‘There's a rhythm to its backward rolls and acrobatic rises that's too often neglected now.’
    • ‘Not many celebrities could do a backwards roll down an incline mat.’
    • ‘Some team coaches seem to jump kids right into straight-arm backward rolls, bypassing bent-arm rolls.’
    • ‘She is doing a backward roll into a handstand.’
    • ‘Students are learning basic tumbling by practicing forward rolls, backward rolls, and cartwheels.’
    • ‘At the gym club, we are learning to walk along the beam, run and jump on a springboard, and how to do forward and backward rolls down a soft wedge.’
    • ‘The renowned specialist led pupils through techniques from forward and backward rolls to one-handed cartwheels.’
    • ‘The first level concentrated on basic moves including forward rolls, backward rolls, and shoulder stands.’