Definition of backward classes in English:

backward classes

plural noun

  • The members of a caste or community who are recommended for special help in education and employment.

    • ‘India's affirmative-action laws reserve a minimum of 49.5 percent of federal government jobs for the previously disadvantaged or backward classes.’
    • ‘The second requirement is a properly prepared, and constitutionally valid, list of the backward classes who would be eligible for reservations.’
    • ‘The founding fathers of the nation realised this and took corrective action by ensuring preferential treatment for the backward classes through the Constitution.’
    • ‘Sanskrit still draws resistance from certain castes, especially the economically weaker sections and backward classes.’
    • ‘It has now promised to work with the government to improve employment opportunities for the backward classes.’
    • ‘It is significant to note that the backward classes are considerably more vulnerable than the socially advanced category.’
    • ‘Naturally, the values for the backward classes are the closest to the values for India on various indicators or parameters.’
    • ‘His sympathies were solidly with the backward classes.’
    • ‘It had a long history of affirmative action intended to make available real opportunity to socially backward classes.’
    • ‘Third, the Commission also studied the lists prepared by various State governments of backward classes in their States.’
    • ‘It felt that the concept came in the way of ensuring adequate representation of backward classes in the services of the state.’
    • ‘Special emphasis has been placed on the welfare of the weaker sections, women and the backward classes.’
    • ‘Further, they could have been appointed after filling the vacancy for posts reserved for other backward classes and notified tribes.’
    • ‘The rally for backward classes will be held in Hyderabad on January 21.’
    • ‘This government will go all-out to protect the rights of farmers, workers and the backward classes.’
    • ‘In 1999, many members of backward classes did not know that they belonged to backward classes.’
    • ‘We also refuted the allegation of the petitioners that reservation for the backward classes is disintegrative.’
    • ‘Rajasthan is one of the States that did not have an all-purpose list of backward classes.’
    • ‘The object was to help the backward classes.’
    • ‘The expenditure on higher education is budgeted to rise significantly to accommodate the expansion in seats needed to implement enhanced reservation for backward classes.’