Definition of backstage in English:



  • 1In or to the area behind the stage in a theatre, especially the wings or dressing rooms:

    ‘I went backstage after the show’
    [as modifier] ‘a backstage tour of the opera house’
    • ‘Then, by coincidence, I met him backstage at a theatre premiere and I didn't recognize him.’
    • ‘I stood nervously in the wings, backstage, watching the present act on stage.’
    • ‘A special welcome awaits those with an interest in drama either on stage or backstage.’
    • ‘He told the jury that once the £1m cheque had been handed to the soldier, he and his wife were taken backstage to their dressing room.’
    • ‘It's 30 minutes before show time and it's dark and surprisingly quiet backstage at the Gateway Theatre.’
    • ‘As we are led backstage, we see dressing rooms that might be private cabins.’
    • ‘He put me halfway down once we'd gotten backstage in the small dressing room the guys had been given.’
    • ‘I first saw Philip from the wings backstage, he was directing a rehearsal, making some point with the actors.’
    • ‘We used a photograph of him taken backstage at the Winter Garden theater to calibrate our time extractor.’
    • ‘I was light-headed, and it was with difficulty that I followed her when she went backstage to her dressing room.’
    • ‘Also huge for some people, what goes on behind the scenes with all those supermodels at the fashion show backstage?’
    • ‘I was quite artistic and I studied an arts foundation course at Bradford College and later worked at the Alhambra Theatre backstage, in the box office and on the stage door.’
    • ‘I had to maneuver my way backstage, through the dressing room, and out the door without making noise and or killing myself.’
    • ‘She herself has worked backstage for a marionette theater in Minneapolis, and she taught calligraphy for years.’
    • ‘For my part, I left the scene as intended, only to find myself not backstage but in another theatre and invited to keep performing.’
    • ‘There's a reason why some theaters have a green-painted lounge backstage.’
    • ‘Anyone with an interest in the world of drama, whether on stage or backstage, is encouraged to come along to the meeting and get involved in the activities of the group.’
    • ‘Danny stepped away, and cast one last disdainful look at Scott before going backstage, and presumably leaving the theater.’
    • ‘We walked back to our dressing room backstage, and I reached forward to Tom, and squeezed his shoulder.’
    • ‘Janet found the stage door and wandered backstage.’
    unobtrusive, unnoticeable, unremarkable, unspectacular, unostentatious, unimposing, undistinguished, unexceptional, modest, unassuming, discreet, hidden, concealed
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    1. 1.1 In secret:
      ‘we planned our strategies backstage’
      • ‘I should be on the front lines, not making deals backstage.’
      • ‘I wonder who is cutting the deals backstage and what it will look like after this is over.’
      confidential, strictly confidential, secret, top secret, classified, unofficial, off the record, not for publication, not to be made public, not to be disclosed, closet
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