Definition of backslash in English:



  • A backward-sloping diagonal line (\), used in some computer commands.

    • ‘Put the filename in quotes with forward slashes (/) instead of backslashes (\).’
    • ‘As you can see we had to escape the quotes inside the string with backslashes.’
    • ‘Finally, I came up with the idea of the backslash, which is sort of a theme throughout all the songs.’
    • ‘Note the backslashes for lines that were too long to fit in this example.’
    • ‘You can type the command as one long line without the backslashes or use them to break up a long pipeline into multiple lines on the screen.’
    • ‘If you enter the above command in three lines, rather than one, remember to include the backslashes (\) as the final character on each of the first two lines.’
    • ‘And for some reason, I kept writing a backslash instead of a forward slash.’
    • ‘The backslash followed by a semicolon at the end is required in this case.’
    • ‘As you can see, the keyboard adopts the older ‘small enter key’ layout, in which the backslash is positioned below backspace and above the enter key instead of being flanked by the equal key and backspace.’
    • ‘The list may span multiple lines if you end each line (except for the last) with a backslash (\).’
    • ‘It was easier for us to do that than fight getting the double backslashes correct.’
    • ‘You easily can override the built-in time command by preceding it with a backslash, as in the examples that follow.’
    • ‘The backslash represents the genomic cutting site.’
    • ‘I made a few more changes from the resource you created - for instance, the backslash and backtick keys seemed to be transposed.’
    • ‘Some shot straight up like a picket fence, others spiked violently to one side like a backslash.’
    • ‘The transposon sequence is represented between backslashes.’
    • ‘The backslashes in the above command are there because I couldn't fit the entire command on one line.’
    • ‘Lines beginning with whitespace are interpreted as a continuation of the previous line, so it's not necessary to use a backslash at the end of a long line.’
    solidus, oblique, diagonal, virgule, slant
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