Definition of backplate in English:



  • A plate placed at or forming the back of something.

    • ‘In others, thin faceplates and backplates are bonded to ribbed support structures, in which the support units are made by the assembly of small rib parts or by bulk-material removal using abrasive water-jet machining.’
    • ‘Included in the package are the four LED feet themselves, some double-sided sticky circles, a PCI backplate, a mounting screw and finally a bundle of wires.’
    • ‘When using twin cylinders they are connected together with cylinder bands and the backplate is attached via wing nuts onto the studding that clamps the bands to the cylinders.’
    • ‘It's not entirely tool-less, as the backplates for the cards need to be screwed into place and so do hard drives etc.’
    • ‘Models for utilitarian pieces such as doorknobs, backplates, and drawer pulls are stored in separate boxes from the models for garland appliques, plaques, and figural mounts.’
    • ‘The third step is to mount the wheels on the arbors and to place these assemblies between the front- and backplates in such a way that the wheels and pinions mesh and turn freely.’
    • ‘The retail package includes the standard accessories along with the motherboard - a backplate, cables, a nice printed manual and driver CD.’
    • ‘Wait, if the wings come out when I have my backplate on, wouldn't I ruin either the wings or the backplate?’
    • ‘A custom backplate is used, so the first instruction is always ‘remove the motherboard from the case’.’
    • ‘It even has a rubber backplate that allows for a firm grip and helps to transmit vibrations thanks to your music or ambient sounds.’
    • ‘The backplate has a square rubber pad surrounded by an adhesive pad.’
    • ‘In most cases, removal of the motherboard is required, though once the backplates are in, the rest is a snap to do.’
    • ‘I also use this wing with a stainless-steel backplate, as this offers a solid mounting point for all my equipment, and it is very adaptable when mounting to other cylinder configurations.’
    • ‘The first thing you need to do is prepare the backplate which entails sticking a neoprene pad to the metal plate and putting four plastic rings into the guide holes.’
    • ‘Faint scars marking the original pierced backplates confirm that the simpler brass bails on the top drawer are replacements.’
    • ‘Then cautiously place the motherboard in the case to determine where the copper standoffs, to lift the motherboard off of the metal backplate, need to be mounted.’
    • ‘Use the two included screws and secure the retention plate to the backplate.’
    • ‘Place the backplate under the motherboard, and screw in the retention bracket with the four included Phillips screws to complete the process.’
    • ‘Additional illumination for reading is provided by minimalist LED headboard lights with specially designed square chrome backplates.’
    • ‘The measuring and cutting of the backplate was the worst job to date.’