Definition of backmost in English:



  • See back

    • ‘From the front edge of the beam closest to a counter between the two secretaries' desks that were now there to the backmost edge of the bench, the distance was at least two feet, but no more than thirty inches.’
    • ‘Shinryu hastily explained, still worried about what was happening in the backmost hall of the fortress where the mages were clearly fighting.’
    • ‘You can see it especially in the front, where the lights are almost an artistic feature, and in the rear of the side view where there's a very successful treatment of the backmost pillar.’
    • ‘I discovered a strange ridge on the backmost tooth on my top right side’
    • ‘This is a seven-seater, though the two backmost seats are strapped up to the sides when not in use rather than being folded into the floor, and this intrudes into luggage capacity.’