Definition of backmarker in English:



  • A competitor who is among the last in a race.

    ‘he had a tendency to make mistakes when he was lapping backmarkers’
    • ‘The sight of the Brazilian's yellow helmet in the rear-view mirror struck fear into every backmarker.’
    • ‘I lost about three seconds behind him and then a bit more with a backmarker getting in the way.’
    • ‘The tactic proved successful, although he lost some time trying to pass backmarkers.’
    • ‘Ryan was on newer tyres than me but I found out where he was quicker than me and used the backmarkers to keep a gap.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, on the last restart, I got caught behind a backmarker and dropped from third to seventh.’
    • ‘A helicopter is commissioned to carry a race judge, solely to clamp down on backmarkers taking tows from cars in the convoy during the mountain stages.’
    • ‘But after I worked my way around some backmarkers, I could see the leaders!’
    • ‘The sprint with its bonus may be the big attraction, but a backmarkers ' invitation race, 1600m open handicap and youths' 90m and 800m handicap races will also feature.’
    • ‘How does a team explain to its sponsor that its driver will not be part of the weekly story line the rest of the season because he is now considered a backmarker?’
    • ‘But I was doing consistent lap-times, apart from when the backmarkers would not get out of the way.’
    • ‘‘Our car's only problem all day was when I ran wide into the gravel when a backmarker almost forced me off the track,’ he said.’
    • ‘He lost time stuck behind some backmarkers, which under the safety car resulted in him losing one lap against those cars with whom he should have been racing.’
    • ‘However, back on the track the backmarkers were frustrating and I lost a lot of time.’
    • ‘Within seconds, the field stretched and half were left behind, so the backmarkers faced a desperate chase for 10 miles before order was restored.’
    • ‘Since then his Tour had turned into a nightmare due to a chest infection that left him with coughing fits and brought him to the brink of quitting the race in the Pyrenees, where on one stage he spent 75 miles chasing the backmarkers.’
    • ‘Some of the backmarkers were excellent today, actually just a couple of problems.’
    • ‘With about eight laps to go it started to get a little bit greasy out there, but the whole idea of trying to run fast at the start is to make a lead so you can control the backmarkers at your own pace and do that sort of thing.’
    • ‘The Englishman is the backmarker in the field, running off three metres in the famous 110m handicap sprint.’
    • ‘But I got held behind the backmarkers for a lot longer just because the car was not really good in traffic.’
    • ‘As night fell, still the backmarkers persisted - ordinary people of all ages and backgrounds went on and on, some running, others shuffling and others walking, the body resisting, the mind rebelling, the inner battle unrelenting.’