Definition of backlog in English:



  • An accumulation of uncompleted work or matters needing to be dealt with.

    ‘the company took on extra staff to clear the backlog of work’
    • ‘The government is battling to deal with a growing backlog of appeals from throughout the country.’
    • ‘Huge overtime payments for dealing with the backlog of post flowed freely.’
    • ‘Almost all of them have been working into the night for more than a week to try to deal with the backlog of work.’
    • ‘I have been calling for years for more resources to be put into the benefits service to deal with persistent backlogs.’
    • ‘Currently, maintenance workers are trying to clear the backlog of mundane tasks, such as trimming trackside trees.’
    • ‘‘Government cannot afford to carry the costs of repairing shoddy workmanship when it has to deal with huge backlogs,’ he said.’
    • ‘He said the Department of Social Development had outlined its procedures in handling grants and dealing with backlogs, and reported on how far it had come in overcoming some of the obstacles identified.’
    • ‘We have also increased our capital expenditure to an average of R2-billion per annum to deal with the backlogs.’
    • ‘He added that, while the backlog was being dealt with, people wanting their pack could turn up to the office to pick one up.’
    • ‘He said computers had been put in place for the inputting of data and that this would deal with the backlog.’
    • ‘He happens to get into a department that has divisions - but he must strive to improve administration and deal with backlogs.’
    • ‘She was told the AEC couldn't be sure but was doing its best to deal with backlogs before deadlines clicked in.’
    • ‘The ten-strong company, established in 1999, took advantage of free MAS advice to help deal with order backlogs and reduce overtime by improving productivity.’
    • ‘I dealt with the mail backlog before 11 am and then had to occupy myself for the rest of the day.’
    • ‘This has now changed and the council is making stringent efforts to deal with the backlog.’
    • ‘Current infrastructure policies are in some respects ill equipped to deal with the current backlogs, let alone the challenges of the next millennium.’
    • ‘It threatens to throw the Agency into chaos at a time when it is already dealing with serious backlogs.’
    • ‘Last night, critics of the service suggested overworked and under-resourced prosecutors were dealing leniently with many offenders simply to clear enormous backlogs of cases.’
    • ‘She also said the authority had now cleared its backlogs and was working towards processing claims within 30 days when information was supplied.’
    • ‘He said the device was the last item of mail to be dealt with from the backlog of post which had arrived during the Christmas holidays.’
    accumulation, logjam, pile-up, pile, heap, mountain, excess
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