Definition of backline in English:



  • 1A line marking the back of something, especially the area of play in a game.

    • ‘Thereafter, he retreated to the Celtic backline.’
    • ‘He rallied once again and managed to score next, through a teammate, who broke through the backline to score under the posts.’
    • ‘Saints, indeed, indulged in a spot of showboating, knocking the ball around their backline repeatedly, drawing the customary ole's from their fans.’
    • ‘Two minutes later a long ball sailed over the backline.’
    • ‘Then he finished off a lovely backline break.’
    • ‘It is intended that the fence is provided in a neat line along the backline of the pathway and that the grass area behind the fence will be restored so that it is a well maintained flat grassed area.’
    • ‘The spacedock, however, was built to operate on the backlines of battle, and was thus suitably equipped.’
    • ‘The Christ Church player, whose pace carried him behind the backline, stumbled as he stooped to finish, bumping the ball out.’
    1. 1.1Rugby
      The players lined out across the field behind a scrum or line-out.
      • ‘A backline of young, emerging players struggled to capitalise on a strong forward platform, and the home team showed strength in both scrum and lineout.’
      • ‘They have excellence in all areas of the pitch - their backline has some world-class players - but if they play to type then you'll see a lot more of their forwards than their backs.’
      • ‘In the 80th minute of the match, England needed something special from their backline.’
      • ‘Strong, commanding and no-nonsense, he is the type of player you build a backline around.’
      • ‘On the field, Michael was a very level-headed player who controlled our backline, one of our top marking defenders, and was a tremendous contributor to the team at all levels.’
  • 2The amplifiers used by a popular music group for guitars and other instruments, typically placed across the back of the stage.

    • ‘Often, except for guitars and a few other essentials, the band relies on the fulfillment of their tech rider for backline instruments, and house and monitor systems.’