Definition of backland in English:



mass noun
  • 1also backlands

    another term for backcountry
    • ‘The hills rose in soft gray-green slopes around them, and she knew that, deep in this backland, they were coming close upon her secret grove.’
    • ‘If you are going to exotic places or into the backlands, consult a knowledgeable travel medicine specialist.’
    • ‘They're a group of three college students taking a road trip through the backlands of Australia.’
    • ‘Once these throughways led to the backlands where townsfolk grew food and kept animals.’
    • ‘These settlements were established in the backlands of northeastern Brazil in the early seventeenth century, and during the long wars against Holland grew and thrived.’
  • 2Land behind an area which is built on or otherwise developed.

    as modifier ‘backland development which would adversely affect the neighbouring properties’
    • ‘This is a great opportunity to open up the backlands off the main street.’
    • ‘But on the other hand we are very concerned about development proposals on the backland with the consequent ill effects and detriment to the amenity of all neighbouring properties that it will cause.’
    • ‘And the inspector went on to point out that in the Council's own development plan for the area, developers are encouraged to go for backland sites rather than sites fronting onto main roads.’
    • ‘The outbreak was blamed on shoddy backland development which had grown up to house the migrant poor who had drifted into the town.’
    • ‘It is quite unlike the Victorian building from which it projects into the backlands of South Kensington.’
    • ‘Planning permission looks set to be granted for backland development in a street in Childswickham at risk from flooding.’
    • ‘The planner considers that the development will bring back life to an area where buildings and backlands are under utilised.’
    • ‘It would allow for the development of an under utilised backland site in the town centre.’
    • ‘The developers envisage this site being developed for mixed use, while new buildings to be constructed on disused backland.’
    • ‘They argued that all future development would be carried out in backland areas to further reinforce the existing Main Street of the town and to prevent ribbon development.’
    • ‘The proposed development would considerably alter the layout of the site and I consider that the introduction of backland housing would be detrimental to that character.’
    • ‘It was also an unacceptable form of backland development within the area and would be intrusive to the back view enjoyed by nearby homes.’
    • ‘It also suggests that there is the possibility of providing additional parking as part of any redevelopment of backlands lying between The Lungy and Market Yard.’
    • ‘He agreed, saying: ‘After several attempts and failures, this type of backland development rears its ugly head again.’’