Definition of backfist in English:



  • (in martial arts) a punch made with the back of the fist.

    • ‘But if you are countering a serious attack, add a nose strike with the palm of the opposite hand, and then grab the hair to pull the head down into a backfist and your drop backward into a wider horse stance (as seen).’
    • ‘You will notice here that you are driving your body forward into the backfist rather than sinking backward as was illustrated in Part I of this series of articles.’
    • ‘But whatever the cause, when Li stopped throwing backfists and started talking, my attention wandered.’
    • ‘He spun, kicking his opponent in the gut, then followed through with a backfist, then an uppercut, an elbow, and finally, he backed away.’
    • ‘The defender immediately steps in with a left backfist strike to the bridge of the nose.’