Definition of backdrop in English:



  • 1A painted cloth hung at the back of a theatre stage as part of the scenery.

    • ‘It continues for over a minute and moves several yards across the stage and into the backdrop promoting the fight.’
    • ‘The venue for the night concerts was a huge field with naturally sloping sides, and the stages were set against backdrops of tall rainforest trees.’
    • ‘She took a job painting sets and making backdrops for a film production company, which she then parlayed into a career in art direction.’
    • ‘Set on a bare stage with effective backdrops and use of lighting, there was a beautiful use of lines and lifts in group, pas de deux and solo work, all in contemporary classical form.’
    • ‘Also in 2000, I helped my art teacher paint backdrops for a school musical, Robin Hood, and joined the mural painting club.’
    • ‘Alex is happy with the Art Alliance and has volunteered to paint some scenery backdrops for them.’
    • ‘‘To assist this he used subtle backdrops of paint, panel and lighting to allow objects to merge with one another’.’
    • ‘Rohmer used digital technology to recreate the Paris of the 1790s, fashioning computer-generated scenery and backdrops from paintings of the period.’
    • ‘Shakespeare's magical comedy will be played out against a simple backdrop of parkland scenery, he said.’
    • ‘The graphics are a little disappointing, and the backdrops and general scenery are quite poor.’
    • ‘Typically, such painting might be placed on a theatre backdrop, or across a large hall or church nave, or on a high ceiling.’
    • ‘Olivier used painted backdrops of French fields and castles that were intended to suggest medieval artistic renderings.’
    • ‘His father was an artist who designed backdrops for movies and stage plays.’
    • ‘Someday I believe she will be painting the backdrops for them.’
    • ‘The stage backdrop is filled with smoke and the curtains have become brown drapes, some halfway across the stage.’
    • ‘The patterns on the stage and against the backdrop were beautiful, the movement sensual and relational.’
    • ‘The two elements have been perfectly blended, allowing for detailed and stylized characters on a colorful backdrop of gorgeous moving skies, richly painted backdrops, and subtle changes in light.’
    • ‘He spoke of the many people who helped behind the scenes, citing as an example those who had painted the backdrops.’
    • ‘It may take hours of fiddling about with different backdrops of paper or cloth to get the colour right.’
    • ‘In high school theatre, the grid is normally the place where techies operate a fly system - in other words, lowering backdrops and scenery using ropes.’
    stage set, set, flats, drop curtain
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    1. 1.1 The setting or background for a scene, event, or situation.
      ‘the conference took place against a backdrop of increasing diplomatic activity’
      • ‘It is also home to some of the world's finest spa resorts, making a perfect location for relaxing against a backdrop of hazy mountains and the desert.’
      • ‘Behind you is a gorgeous, restored great house set against a backdrop of rainforests and mountains.’
      • ‘These discussions take place against a backdrop of deepening economic crisis and rising social tensions.’
      • ‘The summer tourists have gone, leaving plenty of space to enjoy the many activities on offer against the backdrop of outstanding scenery.’
      • ‘This movie is a work of fiction, but it's played against a backdrop of historical events.’
      • ‘As we come up over a rise, endless cultivated orchards stretch for many kilometres against a backdrop of blue mountain ridges.’
      • ‘I looked at the subject, the old chair, the cloth and the backdrop of the city through the windows behind, and frowned.’
      • ‘This is happening against a backdrop of fights by environmentalists to get old dams torn down.’
      • ‘Old insights are merely recycled in different permutations against a backdrop of current circumstances.’
      • ‘The case comes against a backdrop of mounting national concern about replica firearms.’
      • ‘The familiar stories are given new life when played out against a backdrop of ancient Roman ruins and sweeping rocky vistas.’
      • ‘Greenland is a country of stark contrasts, where ice and sunshine, greenery and snow are partners against a backdrop of fjords and mountains.’
      • ‘There were snow-capped peaks against a backdrop of liquid blue sky, for as far as I could see.’
      • ‘They survived, but Todd has been forced to work against a backdrop of continuing financial uncertainty.’
      • ‘The building demonstrations come against a backdrop of continued violence in the country.’
      • ‘Against a backdrop of steadily declining music sales, music companies have been forced to think of alternative solutions.’
      • ‘Already overshadowed by political complexity the elections will also take place against a backdrop of violence.’
      • ‘At the same time, they have faced an uphill struggle to continue investing in networks against a backdrop of falling stock markets and huge debts.’
      • ‘This year's event is taking place against a backdrop of Government attempts to promote chess in schools.’
      • ‘Set against a backdrop of Alpine lakes and mountains, this city has the perfect mix of folk tradition and fast-moving modernity.’
      situation, setting, milieu, medium, background, scene, scenario, location, locale, context, framework
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[with object]
  • Lie behind or beyond; serve as a background to.

    ‘the rolling hills that backdropped our camp’
    • ‘An epic journey of the individual in an unfathomable universe, the tale offers profound characterizations backdropped with astute philosophical motifs.’
    • ‘The band offers up a catchy mix of mostly acoustic-centered pop, backdropped by obvious harmonies, reverb-drenched vocals and singalong lyrics.’
    • ‘The view south centres on 8,790-foot Mount Goldie, backdropped against the Rocky Mountains in the distance across the Columbia Valley.’
    • ‘The hole is gorgeously backdropped by a natural waterfall flowing from the Cullasaja River.’
    • ‘Teal-blue water licked at uninhabited gleaming, creamy beaches backdropped by vertically faced limestone cliffs hundreds of feet straight up.’
    • ‘Not only is it busy movement-wise, the stage is a feast of visuals, with a blocky, retro cityscape pattern backdropping the slinky white and black costumes of the dancers.’
    • ‘Several members of the staff of over 200 pose with a celebratory cake, backdropped by a banner reading ‘Goodwill is on the move!’’
    • ‘This one-off single sees the band present a genuinely beautiful take on Punjabi folk, backdropped by a loping funk beat and breathtakingly lovely guitar.’
    • ‘You witnessed amazing creatures backdropped by even more amazing vistas.’
    • ‘The country's bicentenary celebrations are backdropped by more political turmoil and a state of near-civil war.’
    • ‘In a covered promenade which backdrops the memorial and its fountains are displayed the crests of multi-national defence elements such as squadrons, brigades and divisions.’
    • ‘This is supposed to be a version of a classic tale about love, loss and final responsibility, whose action is not coincidently centred on a rooftop backdropped by an enormous corporate logo.’
    • ‘From the air, the tundra stretched to the south like a green-brown pillow, backdropped by the snowed escarpments of the Sadlerochits and the Brooks Range.’