Definition of backcross in English:



  • Cross (a hybrid) with one of its parents or an organism with the same genetic characteristics as one of the parents:

    ‘after five generations the backcrossed dogs were indistinguishable from pure-bred Dalmatians’
    • ‘The parent cultivars were crossed to produce an initial hybrid that was then backcrossed to each parent.’
    • ‘The mutations were backcrossed and checked for allelism by genetic complementation tests.’
    • ‘Each candidate was then backcrossed to the unmutagenized parent and tetrads were dissected to ensure that the synthetic lethal phenotype resulted from a single mutation.’
    • ‘The selected individuals are either backcrossed to the recurrent parent or randomly intercrossed to produce the next generation of the families.’
    • ‘To eliminate possible additional mutations, the mutant strains were backcrossed eight times before genetic analyses.’


  • An instance or result of backcrossing.

    • ‘After 10 backcrosses into the NIH433a genetic background, both KN433a and KN433 were identical to each other and to NIH433a at all markers examined except those in the MAT locus.’
    • ‘However, after several backcrosses, its heterozygotes could be distinguished from the dominant homozygotes.’
    • ‘Genetic backcrosses were conducted to eliminate plasmid-based mutations and to verify that a single genetic locus was responsible for the 3 - AT-resistant phenotype.’
    • ‘The genotypes of all double mutants were confirmed by backcrosses to wild type.’
    • ‘Because of the repeated backcrosses, their nuclear genome is considered to be nearly equal to that of the paternal recurrent parent.’