Definition of backcloth in English:



  • another term for backdrop
    • ‘Instrumental music is important for creating or enhancing the atmosphere where words are silent, or as a backcloth for speech that is often melancholy and reflective.’
    • ‘The difference of expert opinion nonetheless forms an important backcloth to the submissions made on the claimant's behalf.’
    • ‘The lighting was also poor, spoiling the effect of the marvellous backcloth which for some reason looked as if it was on Mars, bathed in a light that threw out uniform reddish tones.’
    • ‘In these circumstances scenery was possible, though usually restricted to a backcloth and drapes, but there was no acting.’
    • ‘A fabrication woven from fear, anxiety, fantasy and myth formed the backcloth for the initial encounter between Europeans and Africans.’