Definition of backblocks in English:


plural noun

the backblocks
NZ, Australian
  • Land in the remote and sparsely inhabited interior.

    as modifier ‘backblocks roads’
    • ‘Out in the rural backblocks, things haven't changed much from early settler days when fires often raged due to a lack of water.’
    • ‘Frank Sheldon Anthony, a pioneering exponent of the New Zealand comic yarn, lived as a backblocks farmer in south Taranaki from the 1890s till 1924.’
    • ‘Her family need her to be what Holocaust scholars call ‘a memorial candle’, named by her grandpa, living his life as it should have been, getting out of the backblocks, getting herself into print.’
    • ‘Ferrets and stoats, introduced by European settlers in the nineteenth century, pushed the birds further into the backblocks of New Zealand.’
    • ‘It's not like I live in the furthest recesses of NZ's rural backblocks - I'm just an hour from Auckland in an area that has an increasingly high density of ‘lifestylers.’’
    • ‘Born in Stratford in 1889, John Edward Shewry grew up on a backblocks farm at Tahora.’
    • ‘Gribble arrived in Western Australia in 1913 to reopen the Forrest River Mission in the wild backblocks of Wyndham.’
    • ‘What is happening in a village in the backblocks of Bangladesh is one thing; what is happening in Dacca might be another.’
    • ‘And artists have been interested in this territory for a while, partly because there's ‘a good space/money ratio ’, but also because there is plenty of material in those backblocks.’
    • ‘Frank and I shared the same sense of humour and there were lots of laughs - and many incidents not so humorous in our life in the backblocks.’
    • ‘The bureau comes not just to the ‘burbs, but to the backblocks as government offices are closed in country towns, to be replaced by online access.’
    countryside, green belt, great outdoors
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