Definition of back paddock in English:

back paddock


NZ, Australian
  • (on a cattle or sheep station) a paddock that is distant from the station homestead.

    ‘my first job was to fix the sheep fence in the back paddock’
    • ‘There are chooks in the henhouse and horses in the back paddock.’
    • ‘They all got a let out for a lap around the back paddock.’
    • ‘Calves had been driven from a back paddock through the barbed wire fence.’
    • ‘They're not something we can just put in the back paddock and leave them there for a month.’
    • ‘He once arranged for a plane to drop him into the back paddock of his home so he could slip into work on time.’
    • ‘You should take me down the back paddock and put me out of my misery like an old dog.’
    • ‘You might be mustering cattle in the back paddock and you get the urge to check out the cricket.’
    • ‘From the top corner of our back paddock you can see across the Norfolk Plains.’
    • ‘One day I was driving the tractor up the back paddock when I hit a rut sideways and flipped over.’
    • ‘I kick started my bike and took off toward the back paddock.’