Definition of back order in English:

back order


  • A retailer's order for a product which is temporarily out of stock with the supplier.

    ‘the phone I wanted was on back order’
    • ‘Customers may experience the results of such defiance in the form of product backorders or poor product quality.’
    • ‘Due to back orders of the test sets caused by high usage rates, four aircraft were grounded.’
    • ‘At this late date, backorders are out of the question.’
    • ‘The previous owner took his with him, and replacement parts are still on back order.’
    • ‘The website said they were on back order.’
    • ‘I thought the order had been canceled because the camera was on backorder.’
    • ‘Staff members who fear back orders may hoard supplies.’
    • ‘In addition, the depot continued to supply spares and reduce back orders to all customers.’
    • ‘For consumable items, the planned number is 8,460 back orders.’
    • ‘With his growing list of back orders, Lou has little time for enjoying his own products.’
    • ‘You will have the choice to cancel your order, place a back order or choose an alternative.’
    • ‘The site also checks that your choices are in stock, rather than cheekily putting them on back order.’
    • ‘The relationship between these quantities and the number and location of spares in the system determines the probability of a back order.’
    • ‘We do not keep back orders for items that are sold out at time of ordering.’
    • ‘And my tux for the awards banquets is on back order.’
    • ‘It's very simple: There will be no back orders on any product the company carries.’
    • ‘Figure 3 shows the reduction in back orders during this period.’
    • ‘The last, a collection published in 1990, is on backorder.’
    • ‘In my experience, selling out a consumer product - and going to back orders - is not such a bad thing.’
    • ‘Anticipating a surge in demand next week, gun stores already have stocks on back order.’


[with object]
  • Place an order for (a product) which is temporarily out of stock.

    ‘the taps can be back-ordered and take up to three months for delivery’
    • ‘"Well," he said, clearing his throat a little, "the unit you selected has been back ordered and we wanted to discuss an alternate selection."’
    • ‘If the inventory requirement wasn't in your warehouse, then ERP would backorder the requirement.’
    • ‘It provides a historical average of the amount of time Air Force customers have had to wait for each part when back ordered.’
    • ‘If your item is not in stock we can back order for you.’
    • ‘The dealer claims the factory is back ordering parts.’
    • ‘The stone was back ordered, and then delivery was delayed.’
    • ‘Due to high demand, it takes about 4 weeks to backorder that item.’
    • ‘Suppose we have a part for which, over its last ten requisitions, the assets were available in eight cases and the remaining two were back ordered.’
    • ‘This enables you to monitor, backorder and be amongst the first to grab desired domains that may be expiring at low cost and without risk!’
    • ‘Although occasionally an item may be back ordered, most orders should be filled promptly and completely.’
    • ‘You can try negotiating with the owner directly for the domain name, or you can request to back-order a domain name that is coming close to its expiration date.’
    • ‘If your items are temporarily out of stock, we will back-order for you and advise you of the anticipated date of dispatch.’
    • ‘In May 2001, there were more than 32,000 consumable units back ordered against end items or higher assemblies in an awaiting parts status.’
    • ‘A retailer will back-order, say, six copies of something.’
    • ‘Needed repair parts are back ordered.’
    • ‘A lot of things are back ordered.’
    • ‘You can back order, as I did.’