Definition of back-project in English:



  • See back-projection

    • ‘The action almost looked as if it was back-projected, he is so dissociated with what is going on.’
    • ‘This backstory is drip-fed in a series of crisp scenes, neatly linked by pertinent images back-projected onto the minimalist set.’
    • ‘But there's a patterned formality about the back-projected images and the set design (rows of cubes that can be bus seats or a sitting room), which keeps sentimentality at bay.’
    • ‘From four points around the exterior, filmed sequences were back-projected onto the structure, enclosing the visitor in the interconnected landscapes.’
    • ‘The monkeys were trained to fixate a laser-generated central fixation point back-projected onto the tangent screen while irrelevant visual and/or auditory stimuli were presented in the periphery.’