Definition of baby buggy in English:

baby buggy


  • A light folding chair on wheels, in which a baby or young child can be pushed along.

    • ‘Like owners of absurdly supersized baby buggies, for whom every car boot or shop doorway is a challenge, the 4x4 driver must atone, in every narrow street, for her self-importance.’
    • ‘On September 14th last all wheels were in action from the motorized chairs to the manual chairs, even down to the baby buggy.’
    • ‘The couple are accused by Portuguese police of abandoning Charles in a baby buggy near Faro airport before flying back to Britain on Sunday and now face possible extradition to Portugal.’
    • ‘It was detailed and depraved, a plot to hide bombs in baby buggies in the New York subways.’
    • ‘Yet the moment we become mothers we are supposed to switch off our ambitions, tighten our belts and shuffle off into the sunset with a baby buggy and dark roots.’
    • ‘Many areas in the paths are much too narrow, uneven, and have insufficient ramps for baby buggies or wheelchairs.’
    • ‘If you've got a baby buggy, you can skip the long queues out front and get special access to the lift that takes you to the top.’
    • ‘Outside, along Cambridge Heath Road, modern mums push toddlers in market-bought baby buggies, and late commuters sleepwalk their way into work.’
    • ‘We manufactured versions of prototypes which were tested on various golf carts, baby buggies and marine applications with great results.’
    • ‘The child was found wrapped in blankets in a baby buggy near Faro airport on Sunday evening by a man walking his dog.’
    • ‘Some marchers had placards while others eagerly snapped up pink and blue balloons, with the Gazette's Save Our Maternity Unit logo, to secure to their prams and baby buggies.’
    • ‘Orienteering does not usually involve dodging baby buggies and strolling shoppers as competitors race to the finish.’
    • ‘The new scheme was launched yesterday at Stanton Park, where two classic buses were lined up against their modern equivalent, which have special provision for baby buggies and wheelchair users.’


baby buggy