Definition of baby blue in English:

baby blue


  • 1mass noun A pale shade of blue.

    ‘she always wore baby blue to match her eyes’
    as modifier ‘baby-blue and pink streamers’
    • ‘From about 8 am relatives lined up against the court's baby-blue walls hoping to get a glimpse, or say a few words to, their incarcerated loved ones.’
    • ‘One has chocolate-brown and baby-blue needlepoint.’
    • ‘Sara claimed heritage to some Asian culture, Chinese maybe, and was slim, small and all grace when she moved in her baby-blue peasant shirt and floor-length soft denim skirt.’
    • ‘He wore baby-blue patent-leather shoes and had speckles of gray in his five-o'clock shadow.’
    • ‘Behind her baby-blue manicure, a slightly sultry voice whispered, ‘What a cutie.’’
    • ‘He looks over confused as a dark-haired girl lies at his feet, she rubs her head a few times, and pulls her hair back to reveal her baby-blue eyes.’
    • ‘It is my baby-blue bandana that I bought last week.’
    • ‘But that T-shirt is pink, and her partner wears a vintage baby-blue wool coat with a pink flower pinned to the collar.’
    • ‘Next she had on a light pink top, which matched her baby-blue skirt, her top was a tube top with a very, very low-dipping neckline.’
    • ‘Crawford's emphasis on the horizon line with his signature baby-blue sky is common to many of his greatest works.’
    • ‘Auguste also has a black-and-white shirt and a ‘full baby-blue suit,’ which he said he would wear to the other graduation parties.’
    • ‘She wore a baby-blue dress, one side had a strap on the top while the other didn't.’
    • ‘I eventually selected my baby-blue shorts and a lavender tank top, paired with matching lavender flip-flops.’
    • ‘One had an ancient, baby-blue sign with pink elephants in the corners - Ward 1 and Nursery.’
    • ‘Man, those San Diego baby-blue throwback uniforms look fine.’
    • ‘She wore a white, ruffled skirt and a tight, baby-blue sweater with white sandals.’
    • ‘As if our hitting and fielding weren't pitiful enough, our baby-blue uniforms carried the name of the local mental hospital.’
    • ‘Naomi wore a soft baby-blue frock to match her amber eyes.’
    • ‘Attached to the tree's skewed limbs are artificial-looking yellow blossoms, while four baby-blue petals lie on the surrounding brown dirt.’
    • ‘We're sitting in the waiting area on the alternating cream and baby-blue vinyl chairs welded to the floor, five seats away from Judith and Bill.’
    1. 1.1baby bluesinformal Blue eyes.
      ‘O'Toole's famous baby blues are sparkling with mischief’
      • ‘Katrina always had that sort of effect on boys… with a flip of her blonde hair and one look into her stunning baby blues, and boys were falling all over her.’
      • ‘Her baby blues flick over to me as she tucks some of her thin copper hair behind one ear, simultaneously adjusting her round tortoiseshell glasses.’
      • ‘You have to wake up, because I need to see those wonderful baby blues, okay?’
      • ‘‘I was hoping to get some lower times than that ladies,’ he said as his baby blues scanned his audience of tired players.’
      • ‘He is young, diabolically handsome, endowed with the most vicious baby blues you ever saw.’
      • ‘His eyes pleaded with me… and I'm a sucker for his baby blues.’
      • ‘When she finally resurfaced from the painful past, she found herself staring into a pair of gentle baby blues.’
      • ‘My baby blues were soft, though slightly glazed, and they stared at him with such intensity that I could see him breaking away slowly.’
      • ‘He pulled the hair out of my eyes and looked at me with those confused baby blues.’
      • ‘His baby blues lit up and he gathered me in his arms and twirled me around.’
      • ‘And he's staring full on, straight at the camera with those Travolta baby blues.’
      • ‘Yeah, you didn't seem to harmful to me, especially with those baby blues of yours, how could you be a bad person?’
      • ‘Chelsea smiled up at him wishing she could see his baby blues.’
      • ‘Even a dizzy blonde like Marilyn suggests something more spiritual with the sadness lurking behind her baby blues.’
      • ‘His baby blues were full of emotion, something that looked like regret and weariness.’
      • ‘She was beautiful with a pink strapless formal, her hair perfect as usual wearing it in a loose formal bun with loose curls that cuddled her face and highlighted her baby blues.’
      • ‘Or perhaps it was just Ewan's baby blues melting me into my seat.’
      • ‘His hair, a dusty blonde color, fell in medium tight waves over his ears, and almost into his baby blues.’
      • ‘Andy glances down at it and I can practically see his baby blues filling with emotion.’
      • ‘Melissa asked as she stared into his baby blues.’
  • 2baby bluesinformal Postnatal depression.

    • ‘Postpartum mood disturbances range from the so-called baby blues - half of new mothers experience moodiness - to postpartum psychosis.’
    • ‘This condition is different from what is commonly known as the baby blues.’
    • ‘The majority of women experience some tearfulness soon after the birth of the baby and this is sometimes called baby blues.’
    • ‘Well a couple from Cullyhanna certainly don't have the baby blues as they are celebrating birth of twin boys a few weeks ago.’
    • ‘About 10 to 15 percent of women suffer postpartum depression - called the baby blues.’
    • ‘Sophie said she experienced post-partum depression syndrome, or the baby blues, during the first months after the birth of her boy Rangga.’
    • ‘The baby blues, though, are common for numerous reasons.’
    • ‘Postpartum depression is a more severe form of the baby blues.’
    • ‘What we don't realize is that we've got post-partum - we've got the baby blues - excuse me - on one end of the spectrum.’
    • ‘Some women might be frustrated to find that they have difficulty coping with things that were easily managed before delivery, without the baby blues and with a full night's sleep.’
    • ‘After Ben's birth, when the baby blues hit their worst low, the most physical exertion I could manage was draping myself over my ball, in a quasi-foetal position.’
    • ‘But Southampton counsellor Adom Barnor says countless men also suffer from the baby blues.’
    • ‘These feelings - sometimes called the baby blues - are normal and generally subside within a week or two.’
    • ‘And after a traumatic couple of years, which saw her cope with the death of her best friend, battle the baby blues and pile on the pounds, she is now looking forward to the next stage of her life.’
    • ‘The chair of women's health at the University Health Network in Toronto says around 70 per cent experience mild baby blues.’
    • ‘The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists estimates that 70 percent to 85 percent of women experience the baby blues after childbirth.’
    • ‘She opens up to tell us about her baby blues.’
    • ‘You know, after the third day I knew that this was more than baby blues.’


baby blue