Definition of baby's breath in English:

baby's breath


  • A herbaceous plant of delicate appearance which bears tiny scented pink or white flowers.

    Gypsophila paniculata, family Caryophyllaceae

    • ‘Flowers like orchids, baby's breath, roses and gardenia are available no matter what time of the year.’
    • ‘Does he want white roses and baby's breath and yards of fabric and hundreds of people?’
    • ‘Roses, violets, tulips, snapdragons, baby's breath, marigolds and more were laid out like a painter's pallet.’
    • ‘You see, I had just received this beautiful bouquet of roses and white peonies with baby's breath and ferns interspersed in it.’
    • ‘The first time we saw you at the accident site, you had just placed a bundle of orchids, white roses, and baby's breath against an alder tree that was broken in half at its base.’
    • ‘For example, herbaceous perennials such as yarrow, baby's breath and Helenium can be staked with bushy hazel, birch or beech twigs.’
    • ‘I thought of baby's breath, those little white flowers people put in vases as an added flourish, I didn't know why.’
    • ‘Violet blue flower clusters resembling baby's breath are borne on stems 4 to 6 feet tall.’
    • ‘I planted hyacinths, baby's breath, sunflowers, and my favorite, chrysanthemums.’
    • ‘While she waited, she took the baby's breath from Adriana's hand.’
    • ‘She wore a peaceful smile as she swayed down the aisle, holding a bouquet of baby's breath that matched the flowers woven through her hair.’
    • ‘The church was festooned with baskets of white and yellow flowers, baby's breath and milk white roses.’
    • ‘The bouquet consisted of luxuriously scented white roses, clumps of swaying baby's breath, and elegant chrysanthemums.’
    • ‘There is also an annual version of baby's breath - not quite as ethereal as the perennial type, but it flowers quickly from the initial sowing, which makes it extremely handy.’
    • ‘Hydrangeas, celosia, yarrow, baby's breath, rose buds, and cornflowers also dry well and make gorgeous decorations.’
    • ‘Common examples in seed mixes are red poppy, annual baby's breath, cornflower, and cosmos.’
    • ‘Maggie's wedding dress consisted of a white dress suit, with matching pumps and a tiny spray of white baby's breath and tiny rosebuds that Charlie had fashioned from one of the florist arrangements.’
    • ‘It was a beautiful arrangement of white roses and baby's breath, and he slipped it onto my wrist delicately, as if I might break.’
    • ‘He was dressed in his best tux, and carried two ornate wrist corsages, an orchid and a calla lily, and a bouquet of pink lilies, decorated with baby's breath.’
    • ‘We'll have the church decorated with lilacs and baby's breath, the scent will be just heavenly!’