Definition of Babbitt in English:



North American
  • A materialistic, complacent, and conformist businessman.

    • ‘It may have amused him to have at one stroke enraged liberals and fellow-travellers, Trotskyists, Stalinists and Stalinoids, not to mention conservative Babbitts.’
    • ‘I think she believed it would liberate the American imagination, and teach the googly-eyed Babbitts who beheld the pictures that sex was something more than they believed it was.’
    • ‘Such expectations are contrary to basic principles of academic freedom and will contribute to a college or university ‘replete with genial Babbitts.’’
    • ‘People who don't live in New York, Hollywood, or divide their time between Virginia, Hyannis Port, or Nantucket estates and their Georgetown mansions view the rest of us as Babbitts.’


From the name George Babbitt, the protagonist of the novel Babbitt (1922) by Sinclair Lewis.