Definition of B-side in English:



  • The side of a pop single regarded as the less important one.

    • ‘Colour Me Pop was BBC2's Sixties all-colour pop series which featured many top artists of the day playing album tracks and B-sides as well as their singles.’
    • ‘Many of the additional offerings are B-sides from the singles which, as might be expected, fall short of the standard set by the original tracks.’
    • ‘It starts with the band's earliest singles, A- and B-sides laid next to one another.’
    • ‘Chronicling a period which found the band at their most experimental, and featuring a must-have second CD of remixes and B-sides, this is the type of musical tour-de-force reserved for only the greatest bands.’
    • ‘Many, such as ‘Pretty Ballerina’ and ‘Shama Lama Ding Dong,’ appeared as B-sides of Mellencamp singles.’
    • ‘Through 10 unreleased B-sides and remixes, Duplaix lays out an atmospheric and sensual collection that is completely his own.’
    • ‘Oh You're So Silent Jens, his new collection of previously released singles and B-sides, is a marvel of pure songcraft.’
    • ‘Though still fiercely independent, they've embraced their new pop status and assembled a stop-gap record filled with B-sides, rarities and a couple of new cuts.’
    • ‘The B-sides of this single carry the day, actually building on the off-kilter rock of ‘Pin’, turning the jittery, brittle nerves to some good use after all.’
    • ‘The best track, however, is the previously unreleased I Don't Want To Go Blind, which did feature as a B-side on one single, and which features a raw vocal from Basil Clarke, before bursting into a typically smooth chorus from Hingley.’
    • ‘Music To Climb The Apple Tree By was originally released as the singles and B-sides portion of the Beat Happening box set, but it stands as a nice little compilation on its own.’
    • ‘Released in the UK last June on indie Kin, this domestic edition on Domino Records wisely includes a bonus disc of B-sides and remixes.’
    • ‘A Little Less Conversation first appeared in one of Presley's movies in the 1960s and as the B-side to his 1968 single, Almost in Love.’
    • ‘That is, the majority of these songs were released as B-sides on her important singles.’
    • ‘A lovingly compiled compendium of hard to find B-sides, rarities and re-mixes, it effectively cleared the way for the great leap forward represented by the latest album - The Cure.’
    • ‘Singles, B-sides and album tracks released between 1993 and 1995 make up the top 29.’
    • ‘Whatever the answer, it's a good time for Lali Puna, one of the spiritual parents of the current wave of synth-poppers, to release a collection of B-sides and remixes.’
    • ‘Why, I remember back in the day when indie bands from the UK would cut more tracks than what would fit on the album, and then release those tracks as the B-sides on various singles.’
    • ‘Yeah, it seems like eventually songs end up on some B-sides collection or single anyway, but can something like this backfire on you down the road?’
    • ‘That said, I suppose if you're going to include two B-sides from a notable single release it can't hurt to have the single itself in to provide some context, particularly if you've got three discs to fill.’
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