Definition of B-picture in English:



  • another term for B-movie
    • ‘While Coppola moved on to bigger and better things, Hill was given B-pictures like Coffy to develop.’
    • ‘I could see my name on a movie poster already - only it wouldn't be a B-picture like that one.’
    • ‘Both films show both their age and the fact that no one much thought these cranked-out B-pictures would be of interest to cineastes 40 years later.’
    • ‘Variety said ‘The movie is a parade of cliches,’ and the Hollywood Reporter called it ‘a star-studded dud of a B-picture.’’
    • ‘It's a B-picture of considerable purity - the setting is worm-in-the-apple suburbia, the laughs are mean, the dialogue is lousy and the acting is wretched.’
    • ‘Many people are aware of Elvis' story, his addiction to stimulants and depressants, his association with the so-called ‘Memphis Mafia,’ his tour in the army when he was but a lad, his starring roles in various B-pictures, et cetera.’
    • ‘The title sounds like a straight-to-vid B-picture.’
    • ‘At 145 minutes a pop, that's seven-and-a-half hours to unravel the science that clothes a B-picture plot.’
    • ‘Pastiche horror B-pictures should be taken in the spirit intended, as a joke.’
    • ‘They had an attitude: this is Warner Bros. and Lone Pine is a B-picture location.’
    • ‘A nutshell synopsis speaks of kidnapping, accidental death, a manhunt, which is typical of straight-to-vid B-pictures.’
    • ‘Even the worst B-pictures relied on something more than ham-fisted devices and clichés to tell their stories.’
    • ‘But if Fuller's politically charged films are ever to gain the critical respect they deserve, Criterion has to show that they are more than simply B-pictures with a social conscience.’
    • ‘A few of them are excellent B-pictures (a term Corman disavows): The Big Doll House, Bury Me an Angel, The Hot Box, The Big Bird Cage, Caged Heat!’
    • ‘It tells a story, stays in character, keeps the special effects to a minimum and makes a low budget B-picture look like the real thing.’
    • ‘It's about on a par with the typical independent B-picture of the times.’
    • ‘The four movies I watched this weekend are a smattering of B-pictures from the early thirties, the pre-Code years.’
    • ‘Warner Bros. was one of the leaders in advocating anti-Nazi films, however, so it was not surprising that they would mount another film with similar sympathies, even if it was only a B-picture this time.’
    • ‘At most chains, film buffs pay the same $8 to see a B-picture dud on a Tuesday night as they would for a Saturday night blockbuster.’
    • ‘Yet the film was considered a B-picture at the time, was dismissed by most critics, and was generally ignored until its rediscovery by noir aficionados years later.’