Definition of B-film in English:



  • another term for B-movie
    • ‘I wasn't just using the Saturday matinee serial but all of the B-films - not the A-films.’
    • ‘Easily the most enjoyable film in the series will certainly appeal to exploitation aficionados and B-film historians, who will be astounded by the print.’
    • ‘It looked just as pathetic as the rest of the weekly B-films that the major companies were turning out.’
    • ‘The film follows the cue card from the B-film industry, at least as far as the generic story line goes.’
    • ‘He was also a controversial figure, as accusations flew fiercely about the level of mean spirited gore and violence in his mostly hack B-films.’
    • ‘There were always two films, a major movie and a B-film; the management had bought outright two films which they showed week in and week out as their second feature.’
    • ‘He might freely use such expressions as ‘grindhouse’ in describing his work, but he does so from within the safety of the mainstream, never exposing himself to the real dangers and messy pleasures of the B-film.’
    • ‘Perhaps it's because the film, while made with public funds, seems more independent than so many of the flag-waving B-films made with private funds.’
    • ‘She landed her first B-film part in 1988 as a rocker chick.’
    • ‘They spoke of it as an American B-film, vulgar and commercial, and they disapproved of the unusual enthusiasm of the crowd.’
    • ‘Though it isn't the greatest sci-fi film since 2001, it had enough going for it to appreciate in the same way I liked old, campy 1950s B-films.’
    • ‘The B-film thing happened because I was meeting the producers of these films on the convention circuit.’
    • ‘A lukewarm offering from a well-paid screenwriter and a talented director falls short of the mark, even for a B-film.’
    • ‘Why not check out this infamous studio and delve into their peculiar brand of B-film?’
    • ‘The three main actors slog through their respective roles, but the acting is pretty poor, even for a B-film.’