Definition of B-double in English:



  • A medium-sized articulated truck consisting of a towing vehicle and two semi-trailers.

    ‘the vehicle in question was a B-double with a length of over 25m’
    • ‘During the B-Double testing, the data logger failed to record some measurements.’
    • ‘On the 5 per cent grade, the speed of the B-Double is approximately 15 per cent higher than that of the AAB-Quad across the measured distances.’
    • ‘He was doing just dandy so I left him to it and went to the silo's where the world's most inept B-double driver was waiting to unload some feed.’
    • ‘The smallest of the MCVs tested, the B-Double, is coupled by a turntable assembly between the prime mover and first trailer, and another assembly at the rear of the first trailer supporting the second trailer.’
    • ‘The B-Double was fully-laden, but its cargo remained intact in the crash.’
    • ‘In this current study, a full scale testing programme was undertaken on a rough road to measure the lateral displacement of the rear trailer of a B-Double on a nominally straight path.’
    • ‘The southbound B-Double semi-trailer and northbound semi-trailer collided 12 km north of the Iluka turn-off, completely blocking the highway to traffic for more than 14 hours.’
    • ‘The B-Double would only meet that speed criterion within 190 m.’
    • ‘Figure 11 shows the raw steer angle data for the B-Double.’
    • ‘They can't use some roads for the bigger transport -- B-double access is being restricted because of the roads.’