Definition of azoic in English:



  • 1Having no trace of life or organic remains.

    • ‘Within this mud belt, which ranges up to 20 meters deep, there are areas in which the oxygen levels are zero - ‘azoic zones’ or ‘dead zones,’ Weeks explained.’
    • ‘This was the so-called ‘azoic’ (a = without, zoic = life) theory and the supposed lifeless region below 300 fathoms was the ‘azoic zone,’ an abyss where no life could exist.’
    • ‘These ideas were largely a carry over from Edward Forbes in the late 1800's, who proposed the azoic hypothesis for the deep sea.’
    • ‘The Manx naturalist Edward Forbes coined the word ‘azoic’ to describe this self-evidently lifeless zone.’
    1. 1.1the AzoicGeology
      another term for Archaean


Mid 19th century: from Greek azōos ‘without life’ + -ic.