Definition of axonometric in English:



  • Using or denoting an orthographic projection of an object, such as a building, on a plane inclined to each of the three principal axes of the object; three-dimensional but without perspective.

    • ‘I didn't teach people how to draw grids and make axonometric projections.’
    • ‘One drawing on a silvered mirror panel presents an axonometric rendering of a cubic form extending outward from the central image along parallel lines.’
    • ‘But while their drawings could be visionary, they were graphically quite conventional perspective or axonometric renderings of three-dimensional space.’
    • ‘Using three-dimensional CAD, the CM did a series of axonometric and sequencing drawings to figure out how to feed materials, equipment and workers into the building horizontally and vertically.’
    • ‘This is rather gorgeous: an axonometric rendering of 221B Baker Street, home to Sherlock Holmes (via the cartoonist).’
    • ‘These scenes occur in a flattened, stacked space that resembles both axonometric architectural diagrams and traditional Chinese landscape painting.’
    • ‘It is a plan and axonometric wire-frame view of the prototype model's entire architectural component and piping system.’
    • ‘Like Stirling's work, the building would make a handsome axonometric drawing.’
    • ‘If it has to be an oblique view then it must be an isonometric or axonometric with that slightly weird Daliesque effect.’
    • ‘Including axonometric diagrams, VR tours, critical writings (from their paper and others), and great images, it appears that they are proud of the new addition to Seattle's downtown.’
    solid, concrete, having depth, sculptural, rounded
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