Definition of axonemal in English:



  • See axoneme

    • ‘The homology between axonemal and cytoplasmic dynein intermediate chains has suggested a similar cargo-binding function for the IC subunit of cytoplasmic dynein.’
    • ‘The PCD phenotype results from axonemal abnormalities and dysfunction of motile cilia and flagella.’
    • ‘A number of models have been proposed based on assumption of certain feedback mechanisms wherein local sliding between microtubules is regulated by the axonemal curvature.’
    • ‘Though speculative, perhaps these heterodimeric motors walk along the seam of the doublet microtubules or interact optimally with the microtubule-associated proteins found on axonemal microtubules.’
    • ‘Previous studies have revealed that axonemal microtubules showed oscillatory sliding under the condition where the free bending of axonemes was restricted by adhering them on glass surfaces.’