Definition of axon in English:



  • The long threadlike part of a nerve cell along which impulses are conducted from the cell body to other cells.

    Compare with dendrite
    • ‘The nerve fibres in the optic tract (the axons of retinal ganglion cells) terminate in two main areas of the brain.’
    • ‘If aluminium causes direct neuronal death, why would this lead to slowing of conduction along the axons of the optic nerves?’
    • ‘In contrast to the innervation of the proximal esophagus, axons from vagal neurons synapse within ganglia of the myenteric plexus.’
    • ‘Neurites are the long projections of nerve cell bodies called axons and dendrites.’
    • ‘All axons from the enteric nerve cells lack a myelin sheath.’
    nerve fibre
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Mid 19th century (denoting the body axis): from Greek axōn ‘axis’.