Definition of axle box in English:

axle box


  • (on a railway vehicle) a metal enclosure within which the end of an axle revolves.

    • ‘The wheels, equipped with smooth pneumatic tyres, are brought into contact with the road surface and the sideways force on the wheel is measured with a load cell attached to the axle box.’
    • ‘A number of axle box suspension systems are used to simplify the structure and permit easier maintenance.’
    • ‘The axle box was notched accordingly and final fitting was carefully done with chisels and files.’
    • ‘These products are used extensively in the axle boxes of all the various types of rolling stock around the world.’
    • ‘Straps are riveted to the bottom ends of the W-irons so that the axle boxes and springs don't fall out.’
    • ‘The axle boxes proved to be a very expensive item, considerably exceeding the original budget.’