Definition of axilla in English:



  • 1Anatomy
    An armpit, or the corresponding part in a bird or other animal.

    • ‘Extremities showed tenderness over the right shoulder and axilla.’
    • ‘The T2 nerve root controls the palms on either side and the T4 nerve root controls the axilla and armpit.’
    • ‘A holosystolic murmur that may radiate to the axilla, the upper sternal borders or the subscapular region is apparent on physical examination.’
    • ‘Although outbreaks can occur almost anywhere, the axillae, web spaces between fingers, and flexor surfaces of the wrists are the most common areas.’
    • ‘The nurse preps the patient's breast, chest, axilla, and upper arm with the surgeon's solution of choice and drapes the patient to expose these areas.’
  • 2Botany
    An axil.

    • ‘In coconut palms, egg-laying occurs at the axillas of the leaves.’
    • ‘Basal branches emerged from lower axillas and developed earlier.’


Early 17th century: from Latin, diminutive of ala ‘wing’.