Definition of axial in English:



  • 1Relating to or forming an axis.

    ‘the main axial road’
    • ‘Eurasia is the globe's largest continent and is geopolitically axial.’
    • ‘The pygidium is complete and has a short axis that has a well-defined axial ring.’
    • ‘Somites differentiate into particular axial structures depending on their position along the antero-posterior axis.’
    • ‘Although the annulus contains the highpressure nucleus, it is able to withstand some axial compression directly itself.’
    • ‘Members of this group are also unusual among bacteria for the arrangement of axial filaments, which are otherwise similar to bacterial flagella.’
    • ‘Given the terrestrial intermediates in the evolution of cetaceans, this is a remarkable case of convergence in axial systems.’
    • ‘Alternatively, changes in tilt or roll angles may change the direction of the helix axis, giving rise to axial flexibility.’
    • ‘The major septa of most species almost reach to the corallite axis, leaving a variably wide axial space free.’
    • ‘The jury box is placed on the side, purposely divorced from the axial relationship of judge, counsel, and public.’
    • ‘Smc3, a component of cohesin, was previously found to be on axial elements that form the SC.’
    • ‘However, the primary axis of cnidarians lacks the degree of axial differentiation found in vertebrates or insects.’
    • ‘The taeniae coli are three longitudinal, or axial, strips of muscles distributed around the circumference of the colon.’
    • ‘They are enclosed within typical porphyritic granite, which has a gently dipping compositional layering that is parallel to the axial planes of the eye structures.’
    • ‘An axial planting of coral trees, for instance, was employed not to obscure, but to project and accentuate the building's profile.’
    • ‘These folds are usually complicated by parasitic folds and arc characterized by north-dipping axial planes and near-horizontal hinge lines.’
    • ‘The protoconch is paucispiral or multispiral, and is smooth except for a few axial riblets near the junction with the teleoconch.’
    • ‘In other words keep railways where they belong: on axial routes in large, densely-populated cities.’
    • ‘The vertebrate axial skeleton is much more than a series of vertebrae coupled with the connecting intervertebral disc tissues.’
    • ‘However, it has been demonstrated that the rate of ontogenetic loss of axial nodes relative to size was higher in N. geniculatus.’
    • ‘Thus, we were able to identify the bud scars in four of the suppressors, and they all showed the normal axial distribution in haploid cells.’
    1. 1.1 Around an axis.
      ‘the axial rotation rate of the Earth’
      • ‘Again a concave action is required, but it is coupled with an axial rotation of the spine.’
      • ‘This is also consistent with our result that the peptide no longer has axial rotation about the bilayer normal.’
      • ‘He believed that the apparent rotation of the heavens was due to the axial rotation of the Earth.’
      • ‘He thought the key to the event had been the arrival of Venus by axial rotation to the opposition of Saturn.’
      • ‘The unit controls balloon axial movement and rotation with respect to the laser beam.’
      • ‘This is likely to greatly reduce flapping and may completely prevent axial rotation of the Fab fragments.’
      • ‘The angular momentum lost by the Earth's axial rotation appears in the lunar orbit, the total angular momentum being conserved.’
      • ‘In a preferred embodiment, the axis of axial pivoting is the axis of pronation of a foot while running in the shoe.’