Definition of axe kick in English:

axe kick


  • A type of kick used in taekwondo and other martial arts, in which the opponent's head is struck with the heel of the foot.

    • ‘How did I get all that fighting knowledge and bad-ass axe kicks?’
    • ‘He jumped back to his feet and lashed out with an axe kick, which cut Mi-Lin with the spurs of the boot.’
    • ‘It's also quite frightening to watch somebody with an axe kick or a full spinning head kick just barely miss your head, or certainly to contact it.’
    • ‘As the blonde struggled to pull breath into her lungs, Sara broke her right wrist with an axe kick, knocking the Void-sword from suddenly numb fingers.’
    • ‘He could easily tattoo a heel print on your forehead with an axe kick you won't see.’
    • ‘Matt goes for the Twist of Fate, but Booker counters and wins it with the axe kick.’
    • ‘Turning round as he recoiled, I brought my leg straight into the air over my head, bringing it back down on his shoulder for a powerful axe kick.’
    • ‘Booker hit a series of kicks, including an axe kick and a missile dropkick, but Henry kicked out.’
    • ‘I taking a running jump and land a nice axe kick on his neck which snaps.’
    • ‘Straeger sent her to the floor with an axe kick across her back.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Chi beat her first opponent with a score of 8-0 in the preliminary round, during which she displayed her lightning-fast roundhouse kicks, also twice landing axe kicks on her opponent.’
    • ‘He ducked left to avoid a downward axe kick and executed an uppercut to the woman's jaw.’