Definition of awesomely in English:



  • See awesome

    • ‘And yet that must have been awesomely difficult to give that up given that in many respects, it is unquestionably one of the world's great universities.’
    • ‘There are heaps of awesomely funny/sweet/lovely/wonderful/moving picture books that I know adults enjoy and I'd like to share them.’
    • ‘Even as the years took their toll on him - as the wrinkles deepened and the body curled in on itself like a prawn, as the Parkinson's took hold - he remained to me a being who was vibrantly, awesomely alive.’
    • ‘This is a pivotal moment when we should reconsider our posture toward the world and examine the true burdens and obligations of acting like an empire awesomely more powerful than any others and answerable to no one.’
    • ‘However, if future generations are seeking a film that captures the ugly realities of armed conflict then they need look no further than Ridley Scott's awesomely accomplished Black Hawk Down.’