Definition of awayday in English:



  • 1A day's leave or a day trip.

    • ‘The ladies' away day was at Easingwold.’
    • ‘The programme is also hoping to offer families an away day during half term, which may include a short residential trip for children at the end of the pilot.’
    • ‘But they're on no jolly awayday down to the capital.’
    • ‘White water rafting, camping trips and alcohol-fuelled away days in luxury country hotels have been among the treats organised in the past.’
    • ‘We did manage a few away days while we were over on the mainland - the obligatory visit to IKEA for one and a mini break down to Yorkshire!’
    • ‘Round the corner is a youth club which organises dance, music and art classes and away-days to Blackpool and Alton Towers.’
    • ‘Individually, these guys are often whip-smart and clued in; but collectively they are a crowd of lemmings on an awayday to the coast.’
    1. 1.1 A day on which employees meet at a venue away from the workplace to plan strategy or to discuss a particular issue.
      ‘a worthwhile awayday on scenario planning’
      • ‘The pair argued over the issue at last week's Cabinet away day in Cardiff.’
      • ‘Tory MPs will today bid to draw a line under a difficult week by staging a 24-hour "away day" bonding session.’
      • ‘A series of away-days has also been organised to hone their campaigning skills.’
      • ‘Last week, he and his Cabinet met for a relaxed away day in St Andrews to plot their strategy for the coming months.’
      • ‘Away days take slightly different formats depending upon the number of staff attending.’
      • ‘The School Directors for Teaching & Learning away-day took place in the Innovation Lab at London Road on 27 September 2006.’
      • ‘Members of Swindon Council's planning committee are looking forward to an away day to London all in the name of research.’
      • ‘Holding an away day at a local venue can be an extremely productive exercise.’
      • ‘Tens of millions of pounds are being handed over for advice on everything from corporate "branding" to how best to plan away-days.’
      • ‘I might even have to start playing football with the staff and going on weekend away days at conference centres.’
      • ‘But this is no awayday for MPs, because in some sense the convention is a challenge to a parliament.’
      • ‘The first thing Jordan did was take all 65 staff, plus university professors in related subjects and local community representatives, on an away day.’
      • ‘We get involved in all aspects of away days from provision of facilitation, through to short development workshops or by the provision of indoor team challenges.’
      • ‘On the same day of the meeting last month, the Downing Street strategy unit held an away-day to discuss the respect agenda.’
      • ‘Are you having a team meeting, briefing or awayday?’
      • ‘The annual away day is becoming an important event in the calendar of the british workplace.’
      • ‘It may enrage more than the unions, if reports emerging from the cabinet awayday at Chequers on Friday are to be believed.’
      • ‘The most favoured option is the corporate away day with the guru.’
      • ‘The Labour group decided to block the sale of the shares at a private "away day" held at South Leeds Stadium on Friday.’
      • ‘The "away day" will set the party's strategy in the run-up to the next General Election.’


1970s: first denoting a type of money-saving return rail ticket.