Definition of award wage in English:

award wage


NZ, Australian
  • A wage fixed by an industrial tribunal or other body, payable to workers in a specified occupation, enterprise, or industry.

    ‘participants are being paid the award wage for a normal 35-hour week’
    ‘industrial courts ordered farmers to pay award wages to Aborigines’
    • ‘They are often paid less for the work they do, without the protection of unions or award wages.’
    • ‘Strikes were being used as an instrument of bargaining over award wage settlements and other fringe benefits.’
    • ‘Under an award wage set by a union, you get the same salary.’
    • ‘The federal government also set out to cut award wages, sparking a wave of industrial unrest.’
    • ‘The company employs 11 part-time workers on award wages.’
    • ‘Nearly half of the award wage workforce are engaged as casuals.’
    • ‘The federal arbitration system granted full award wages to pastoral workers.’
    • ‘If they're exempted from, for example, award wage increases it will help them stay in business.’
    • ‘During the Great Depression award wages were only reduced by 10 per cent at a time when prices had fallen by much more than that figure.’
    • ‘They were paid award wages, and were employed on a full-time, part-time, or casual basis.’