Definition of award in English:



  • 1with two objects Give or order the giving of (something) as an official payment, compensation, or prize to (someone)

    ‘he was awarded the Military Cross’
    ‘a 3.5 per cent pay rise was awarded to staff’
    • ‘British companies are still awarding their executives massive pay bonuses despite a press and shareholder outcry.’
    • ‘He proposed using the two available prizes to award them both.’
    • ‘Seven members of the IOC panel voted in favour of awarding a gold medal to the Canadians.’
    • ‘First they award a valuable cash prize to a prominent female scientist (for more details, see below).’
    • ‘The jury at Cannes last year agreed, awarding it the Jury Prize.’
    • ‘He looks quite happy to award them the top prize.’
    • ‘In the long-running debate about relocating the capital there is popular reluctance to award it the prize.’
    • ‘For once, therefore, the Booker panel made the right decision in awarding last year's prize to The Line of Beauty.’
    • ‘My friend, these people have done their work some time before they were awarded the Nobel prize.’
    • ‘A good case can be made for including only finishes for which prize money is awarded.’
    • ‘In rare cases when errors are discovered, TPIR awards the contestant the prize.’
    • ‘It would be a just exercise of discretion to award them compensation for the sites acquired.’
    • ‘While it's a good video, it's a bit of a slight idea to award some sort of prize to, don't you think?’
    • ‘And, that if somebody gets injured and it is their own fault, even if they manage to convince a lawyer to act for them, the Court will not award them compensation.’
    • ‘Under their plan, a business-financed fund would award claimants a fixed payment based on how sick they are.’
    • ‘I used to run a bar in East London and made the mistake a couple years ago of awarding the fancy dress prize at a New Year's Eve party to a guy dressed as a suicide bomber.’
    • ‘The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the highest civil honor our nation can bestow and we award it today to 12 outstanding individuals.’
    • ‘The DJs play a game where they award winners great prizes.’
    • ‘Vote for your favourite in the comments below and we'll award them a special TSSH prize next week.’
    • ‘She said the SNP would award pay increases to nurses as well as implement a new consultants' contract which increases the level of NHS work consultants carry out.’
    give, grant
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    1. 1.1 Grant or assign (a contract or commission) to (a person or organization)
      ‘the company was awarded a contract to refurbish the timber mill’
      • ‘State contracts should be awarded to bidders who offer the best value for money.’
      • ‘Members of the playing field association met last night to discuss which of three consultants to award the £25,000 contract to carry out the feasibility study.’
      • ‘The call comes on the heels of the Council finally making a decision to award its Dog kennelling contract after two years of debate.’
      • ‘She managed to persuade commissioning editor, Anna Home, to award Scotland a commission for a new programme.’
      • ‘Contracts for the regeneration project are set to be awarded within the next few weeks.’
      • ‘The Commission objected and a deal was finally struck allowing Uefa to award broadcasting rights contracts for a maximum period of three years.’
      • ‘Airport bosses have lobbied the Government to award Waterford a public service obligation contract so it could obtain more Government aid.’
      • ‘The contracts are being awarded exclusively to US firms and are by invitation only.’
      • ‘But now, members of Congress are questioning whether the military can award such a contract to a company controlled by foreign entities.’
      • ‘The Pentagon awards a $300 million security contract in Iraq to a foreign company.’
      • ‘However, the committee has a problem with awarding contracts without bidding.’
      • ‘The contract will probably not even be awarded until after the games in late autumn.’
      • ‘Iraqi authorities are expecting by the end of August to award the first three postwar oil contracts.’
      • ‘Commissioners are unclear how long the process of awarding the state's final license will take.’
      • ‘And yet, the department of homeland security chose to award this critically important contract to a foreign company.’
      • ‘This awards Ministry of Defence contracts to defence companies.’
      • ‘They must rue awarding him a three-year contract in January.’
      • ‘The process for awarding such a large contract was far from satisfactory, nevertheless.’
      • ‘Bankers say they are also a good guide to the future, with corporate clients more likely to award advisory work to investment banks that have successfully advised on a number of large deals.’


  • 1A prize or other mark of recognition given in honour of an achievement.

    ‘the company's annual award for high-quality service’
    • ‘Andrew, aged just 15, received an award to mark his achievement from his school De La Salle College.’
    • ‘The Clare Lake Development Committee in Claremorris was also honoured with a national award at the same ceremony.’
    • ‘High-flying students from Year 10 and above were awarded prizes and awards for their effort and achievements at the school's annual speech day yesterday.’
    • ‘One of these is our annual sports awards where we honour those who give of their all in various sporting codes.’
    • ‘He was honoured with recognition, awards, and fellowships all through his life.’
    • ‘The annual award recognizes outstanding achievements in sports turf management among the 180 state members.’
    • ‘Several American institutions have given him awards and prizes in recognition of his services.’
    • ‘He was presented with a special recognition award to mark his achievements since his days as young student at the old Waterville Vocational School.’
    • ‘Women from across Yorkshire were honoured yesterday in awards recognising their outstanding achievements.’
    • ‘He collected a swathe of international honours, awards and prizes along the way, not least the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology.’
    • ‘He received the youth achievement award at the awards ceremony.’
    • ‘The Les Routiers annual awards honour establishments which, in the panel's opinion, excel and go the extra mile.’
    • ‘Nobody ever said it would be easy to establish an annual awards ceremony honouring the best productions in Scottish film and television.’
    • ‘This award honours the great achievements of people aged 16 or under who make a positive commitment to their local community life.’
    • ‘Young volunteers from across Greater Manchester have had their achievements celebrated at an awards ceremony.’
    • ‘Books and articles are now commissions and performances, and an increased emphasis is placed upon awards, recognitions and honours.’
    • ‘A couple who gave their 50th blood donation were presented with awards to mark their achievement.’
    • ‘Laois County Council has established a literature award to mark the annual Bealtaine Literature Festival, which is now in its eight year.’
    • ‘The Federation of Small Businesses has launched its annual business awards, which honour the cream of south Wiltshire enterprise.’
    • ‘Ever since then, the annual awards have given recognition to the stinkiest media performances of the year.’
    prize, trophy, medal
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    1. 1.1 An amount of money given as an official payment, compensation, or grant.
      ‘a 1.5 per cent pay award’
      • ‘Compensation awards in the UK are dwarfed by the huge sums paid out in the US to women who have successfully raised complaints of sex discrimination and harassment.’
      • ‘Where there are multiple victims and there are insufficient funds to meet all victims' awards, the available money will be paid out on a proportional basis.’
      • ‘As we have seen, the Commission considered that the RPI index provided a suitable mechanism for adjusting awards to compensate for the fall in the value of money.’
      • ‘Around £120,000 has already been collected towards the double renovation project in the form of promised grants and awards.’
      • ‘Below are charts that show the numbers of grants, the amount of annual awards and grant distribution.’
      • ‘Now the measure would cut Pell grant awards at the same time that tuition continues to soar.’
      • ‘The amount of the scholarship award will be determined on the basis of available funds and the financial need of the participant.’
      • ‘In previous years unions have linked the rising cost of living to larger pay awards.’
      • ‘Almost 83 per cent of the school's $260 000 in award money was granted to male athletes.’
      • ‘The alimony award granted to his wife jeopardized Hall's ownership of his property, threatening his status as an independent producer.’
      • ‘Even students who are not eligible for the full amount of these awards pay nothing up front, unlike the present system which requires an annual fixed fee of £1, 125.’
      • ‘Some €142 million of that amount was paid out in compensation awards, with the balance made up of legal and administrative costs.’
      • ‘But he made it clear that the Government would not be coerced into conceding pay awards which threatened wage inflation as other public sector employees tried to catch up.’
      • ‘He also ridiculed artists and writers who apply for Arts Council funding - despite the fact he has received about #20,000 from it in grants, awards and bursaries.’
      • ‘Law-abiding drivers will have to fork out extra to pay for compensation awards to victims of some 1,000 hit-and-run incidents being dealt with by insurers.’
      • ‘Then the court must decide whether the unjust enrichment should be compensated through a monetary award or through the granting of a proprietary interest.’
      • ‘This would be backed by a so-called Book of Quantum which would help determine a scale of compensation awards.’
      • ‘Is it that claims for severe injuries are increasing or that the monetary amount of awards continues to increase?’
      • ‘Some of the many benefits available to AORN members include scholarship awards and education grants through the AORN Foundation.’
      • ‘The Committee also recommended that the Foundation fund $120,000 for AORN scholarships and grant awards.’
      payment, settlement, compensation, damages
      grant, scholarship
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    2. 1.2mass noun The action of giving a payment, compensation, or prize.
      ‘the award of an honorary doctorate’
      count noun ‘an award of damages’
      • ‘He says that if he wins, all money from punitive damages and any award for breach of academic freedom will go into a trust fund for academic freedom.’
      • ‘Parenthetically, it is inconsistent with his submission that there should be no award of damages for loss of opportunity.’
      • ‘Hence any award of damages has to be reduced on account of that by one-third.’
      • ‘Accordingly, no award of compensation was made.’
      • ‘The bailout bill limits the amount of damages the victims can collect, by forbidding any award of punitive damages against the airlines.’
      • ‘The commission also recommends that social welfare payments should be deducted from the appropriate component of any award of damages.’
      • ‘The court also set aside the tribunal's award of damages.’
      • ‘Where the harm is attributable partly to the fault of the defendant and partly to that of the claimant then any award of damages may be reduced by reason of the claimant's contributory negligence.’
      • ‘The case that was put by the appellants was there should be no award for these damages.’
      • ‘But that was the substratum for the judge's award of damages.’
      • ‘Congress mandates that federal agencies award 23% of contracts to small businesses.’
      • ‘First the court has made no award of damages to the claimants.’
      • ‘Take such a factor as a potentially higher award of damages.’
      • ‘Any reasonable award of damages is likely to be so low in comparison to the costs of a trial that those costs will be entirely disproportionate to the issues at stake for the parties.’
      • ‘Take, for example, the issue of the award of discretionary grants to students.’
      • ‘An interim report by council chief executive, made public in February, has already uncovered serious concerns about the award of the grant.’
      • ‘This month the court of appeal upheld the High Court's award of damages for infringement of his copyright.’
      • ‘It followed that the master's award of damages for the owner's increased costs of completion had to be set aside.’
      • ‘I do not accept that the evidence in this case warrants continuing an award of compensatory support.’
      • ‘A judge's award of general damages is not intrinsically better than a jury's.’
      • ‘We are not told how this action is being funded, or who is to benefit and to what extent from any award of damages.’
      giving, granting, conferment, conferral, presentation, bestowal
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Late Middle English (in the sense ‘issue a judicial decision’, also denoting the decision itself): from Anglo-Norman French awarder, variant of Old French esguarder ‘consider, ordain’, from es- (from Latin ex ‘thoroughly’) + guarder ‘watch (over)’, based on a word of Germanic origin related to ward; compare with guard.