Definition of awakening in English:



  • 1formal An act of waking from sleep.

    ‘since my awakening I had realized it was a very special day’
    • ‘Polysomnography is diagnostically important in these cases and records periodic limb movements in sleep and frequent awakening throughout the night.’
    • ‘And it may also involve early morning awakenings without being able to go back to sleep.’
    • ‘They make the loudest racket, keeping me away from sleep, robbing me of gentle awakenings.’
    • ‘Peak decibel thresholds that resulted in arousals or awakenings did not differ by sleep stage in any subject group.’
    • ‘Sleep deprivation resulting from multiple, erratic awakenings may produce a very different effect compared to controlled and predictable sleep deprivation.’
    • ‘Stress disrupts fundamental rhythms of the nervous system, leading to more frequent awakenings and more shallow sleep.’
    • ‘It is sometimes difficult, subjectively, to distinguish wakefulness from sleep; false awakenings and lucid dreams are a good illustration of this.’
    • ‘In addition to this, most sufferers also experience awakenings and restlessness during their usual nighttime sleeping hours.’
    • ‘The libretto is based on Perrault's familiar fairytale, but Petipa did much more with it than tell the story of Aurora's 100-year sleep and magical awakening.’
    • ‘In this study, nightmares were more common in women and were associated with increases in nocturnal awakenings, sleep onset insomnia, and daytime memory impairment and anxiety following poor nocturnal sleep.’
    • ‘In about 50% of laboratory awakenings from slow wave sleep some sort of subjective experience is reported.’
    • ‘After the age of 40 our sleep patterns change, and we have many more nocturnal awakenings than in our younger years.’
    • ‘The most frequently encountered secondary sleep disturbances are night awakenings and bedtime resistance, which occur most commonly in toddlers and preschool-aged children.’
    • ‘This could be due to the increased sleep awakenings during pregnancy and/or the more frequent resort to a supine sleeping position.’
    • ‘The disorder is expressed physically in diminished appetite, poor sleep with frequent awakenings, and restlessness and psychomotor agitation.’
    • ‘The disruptions in sleep included awakenings and insomnia.’
    • ‘Sleep fragmentation, measured as the sum of arousals plus awakenings, was greater during pressure support than during assist-control ventilation: 79 versus 54 events per hour.’
    • ‘In addition to the reduction in daily pain intensity, the patients were able to obtain better sleep with fewer night awakenings.’
    • ‘Of that number, 38 percent had taken longer than 80 minutes to fall asleep in the lab and 51 percent had lost substantial sleep due to nighttime awakenings.’
    • ‘We assessed total sleep time, number of awakenings, and sleep onset latency as continuous variables.’
  • 2An act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something.

    ‘the war came as a rude awakening to the hardships of life’
    • ‘He adds that primary one, with its desks and pencils, can come as a rude awakening to children used to playing with sand, water and paint.’
    • ‘This is a sample of what I have received, it is in a way a rude awakening to me of the attitudes that some people in the West hold.’
    • ‘Should my credit card ever be compromised, though, the thief would be in for a rude awakening as my credit limit is pretty low.’
    • ‘This was the moment two suspected car thieves received a rude awakening.’
    • ‘Delude ourselves into that kind of thinking however and a rude awakening will await us.’
    • ‘The wife got herself a rude awakening to the fact that the times have changed, and that some good food and a good heart don't get you anywhere any longer.’
    • ‘It's a jolt, a rude awakening, trying to exist without light or water in the home when they are taken away suddenly.’
    • ‘I am getting a rude awakening to the Conference League and some of the frightening decisions that are made in it.’
    • ‘They'd forgotten what it was like to run industrial campaigns, and the new, more deregulated system of enterprise bargaining would prove a rude awakening.’
    • ‘Anyone who assumed the history of blacks in Canada was infinitely less repressive than the American equivalent is in for a rude awakening after seeing Journey to Justice.’
    • ‘I was in for a rude awakening to this fact not too long ago.’
    • ‘This was a rude awakening to many, because that was certainly not the traditional function of a journalist.’
    • ‘But sometimes it can be a rude awakening for students who think of spirituality as a palliative, a pill, or a magic healer of emotional ills.’
    • ‘The sharp downturn in the US economy has brought a rude awakening to many in the IT sector.’
    • ‘It's a rude awakening to the public sector for me.’
    • ‘Citing a few examples, people who thought they were buying a property with a clear view of a bay get a rude awakening when one day they suddenly see construction cranes and equipment for a new building.’
    • ‘But anyone expecting softcore liberal humanism is bound to get a rude awakening.’
    • ‘Both knew their civilization was headed for a rude awakening soon.’
    • ‘Of course, for those who believed in ‘locking in stability’ and ‘prudence for a purpose’ this past week has been a rude awakening.’
    • ‘He knows all to well that some of the Muslim practices in the old country just don't fit the American way of life, which can be something of a rude awakening to people who convert to Islam.’
    understanding, insight, education, learning, knowledge, awareness, information, erudition, wisdom, instruction, teaching
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    1. 2.1 The beginning or rousing of something.
      ‘her sexual awakening’
      ‘the awakening of vigorous political debate’
      • ‘Many of today's young, virulent anticapitalists experienced their social awakenings on campuses, in fields other than economics.’
      • ‘Due to awkward sexual awakenings and a suffocating family life, Rita is a ticking time-bomb.’
      • ‘The encounter brings about her sexual awakening, but also makes her aware of his essential inability to love.’
      • ‘The decade also saw the beginnings of a political awakening whose form reflected the domination of the country's intellectual tendencies by Egypt.’
      • ‘The last embers of Empire were still glowing in the hearth as the Iranians experience a democratic political awakening.’
      • ‘The two actors may be unreasonably good looking, but they capture perfectly the regrets and emotional awakenings that rise to the surface as surely as the more literal monsters that lurk in bottomless oceans.’
      • ‘This trip marked the beginning of my homosexual awakening.’
      • ‘It implies that during the summer holidays, while your contemporaries got drunk on cider and obsessed about Big Brother, you experienced a profound political and sexual awakening.’
      • ‘I noted how a number of these patients experienced a personal transformation or an awakening following their consultation.’
      • ‘Many childcare experts believe that once an infant is allowed to sleep in the parental bed, he or she will experience increased night awakenings and bedtime protests if the parent is not present.’
      • ‘But memories of prior political awakenings that ended disastrously were revived when the Polish military cracked down in 1981.’
      • ‘His political awakenings stem from the Suez crisis while he was still at school.’
      • ‘This historic event brought an awakening among the Muslims world over and also among the policy planners in the White House.’
      • ‘For me, and I imagine for many others, it was the beginning of a political awakening.’
      • ‘But when Duncan develops a crush on Perry, the two are in for a sexual awakening.’
      • ‘What many patients experience is an awakening of emotions which they have never had, rather than a repetition of phantasies from the past.’
      • ‘Rather, there were indications of the awakening of vigorous political debate.’
      • ‘High school teen movies are abundant yet generally focus more on social and sexual awakenings than education and uniformity.’
      • ‘The middle of the nineteenth century marked the beginning of the national awakening.’
      • ‘Toward the end of high school, you had a political awakening when something tragic befell your family.’
      arousal, rousing, triggering off, stirring up, kindling, stimulation, inspiration, birth
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  • Coming into existence or awareness.

    ‘his awakening desire’
    ‘an awakening conscience’
    • ‘Cassandra is sharp as a tack, awkward, and still young enough to greet her awakening desire and finer perceptions with astonishment and hyperbole.’
    • ‘Their dissimulated ignorance, unaccompanied by the imperative to know, provides a constant foil to her awakening interest in knowing.’
    • ‘The kind of awakening horror of what I had become was about 10 years later.’
    • ‘This technique not only guides our gaze towards Ashok's imaginings, but also highlights his awakening rage.’
    • ‘Their energy comes from an awakening consciousness meeting the right art form at the right time.’
    • ‘Anyway, so I pictured Prince's ‘courtyard’ as a semi-magical place of awakening desire.’
    • ‘A feeling of awakening power was undeniable to distinguish.’
    • ‘She reflects an awakening need in Seon-woo that he doesn't know how to deal with.’
    • ‘Dylan fitted, like a glove, the awakening consciousness of my friends and myself.’
    • ‘In particular, he must not miss the opportunity offered by an awakening India.’
    • ‘This is hardly due to his awakening love for the camera and the mike.’
    • ‘The awakening industry also is finding changes in materials.’
    • ‘Even though she didn't need to breathe, Akasha took a deep one to calm the awakening feelings that had lain dormant for so long.’
    • ‘It remains a family holiday when friends and family get together to enjoy the Easter bread and the sights and sounds of awakening nature.’
    • ‘It was a thesis that chimed in seamlessly with the awakening consciousness of women's liberation.’
    • ‘And with that, it's a bizarre little mix of awakening despair and wild, reeling delight for both of us.’
    • ‘That first taste of asparagus is simply extraordinary - it tastes of greenness, of fertile, awakening spring.’
    • ‘Credit for this victory should be given to an awakening Taiwan consciousness.’
    • ‘Largely under the impetus of the odd order theorem, there was an awakening interest in finite group theory.’
    • ‘At the same time, the awakening interest in international trends at the expense of the Irish landscape tradition and pretty pastel abstraction is revealing.’