Definition of avulse in English:



  • See avulsion

    • ‘If the nail plate is partially avulsed but is firmly attached to the nail matrix, exploring the nail bed is difficult and probably unwarranted.’
    • ‘At Westminster, he played rugby, and when a scrum collapsed, he avulsed a spinous process, very painful, but he was able to claim later that he had ‘broken his back.’’
    • ‘The worst injury he had seen since he started at Heiwa had been a nearly avulsed finger that had been slammed in a closed door by a careless gentleman who had let the good news of his engagement get the better of him.’
    • ‘The lateral capsule had also avulsed from the humerus and was attached to the bony fragment.’
    • ‘For this reason, great pains are taken to ensure that the dry creek bed is properly prepared to receive the flow of the tributary now avulsing over the alluvial fan.’