Definition of avowal in English:



  • See avow

    • ‘However, this advertisement, no matter how well-worded, could not completely dispel my doubts about the credibility of the would-be husband's avowals.’
    • ‘Despite repeated avowals that he would remain above the push and pull of politics, and that he would keep Islam separate from the state, he has repeatedly shown his willingness to involve himself in political debates.’
    • ‘But the current attempt to de-legitimise this debate, and replace it with avowals of personal belief are destined to fail.’
    • ‘On the contrary, a new Populus poll for the Times has suggested such widespread eagerness to appear generous that avowals of altruism occasionally precede the actual act.’
    • ‘Nor is he is a Christ figure, despite the eager (by mystics) or outraged (by Marxists) avowals to that effect during the Soviet era.’