Definition of avouch in English:



[with object]archaic
  • Affirm or assert.

    ‘the locket contains ringlets which he avouches to be relics of a Spanish girl’
    • ‘Paulina and her friends being gone, I scarce could avouch that I had really seen them.’
    • ‘Ask Wall Street and they would enthusiastically avouch that they are quite up to the task - more than able and willing.’
    • ‘We might be disposed to question its authenticity, it if were not avouched by the full evidence.’
    assert, maintain, state, aver, affirm, contend, argue, insist, hold, profess, move, claim, allege, avow, vow, swear, attest, testify, certify
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Late 15th century: from Old French avochier, from Latin advocare ‘summon in defence’, from ad- ‘to’ + vocare ‘to call’.