Definition of avoidance in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action of keeping away from or not doing something.

    ‘one third of cancer deaths could be prevented by avoidance of smoking’
    • ‘He is an author whose avoidance of publicity has become legendary.’
    • ‘The only cure is avoidance of the food product.’
    • ‘Architects should aim for waste avoidance.’
    • ‘Insect avoidance would be especially important for organic production systems under some conditions.’
    • ‘Four of the art dealers have pleaded guilty to sales-tax avoidance.’
    • ‘The effort cannot just be an avoidance of the history of the music business.’
    • ‘Principles associated with classicism include order, proportion, balance, harmony, decorum, and avoidance of excess.’
    • ‘The fact that critics are bitching about the film's avoidance of the racial issue is absurd.’
    • ‘The film is rigorous in its avoidance of scenes of violence or cruelty.’
    • ‘One of the reasons for the film's authenticity is its almost complete avoidance of recognizable actors.’
    1. 1.1 The action of preventing something from happening.
      ‘a pilotless passenger aircraft would rely on computers and automatic collision avoidance’
      • ‘The avoidance of such tragedies should be the primary focus of all responsible people that allow children access to the farm.’
      • ‘They contributed to the minimization or avoidance of confrontation when there was the clear potential for major violence.’
      • ‘This clause serves to emphasize the importance placed by the contracting parties on the avoidance of litigation.’
      • ‘The picture that emerges is of an efficient industry committed to the avoidance of disputes.’
      • ‘I shared my observations on calamity avoidance by the CEO in major acquisitions.’
      • ‘Tilting its hat at the big-car market was this new model, long and svelte and promising much luxury and high tech, including crash avoidance systems.’
      • ‘The maintenance of public confidence and patient safety includes the avoidance of unnecessary panic and alarm.’
      • ‘Unfortunately for this policy of crisis avoidance, there are some problems that can't just disappear.’
      • ‘We suggested a rigorous NASA-approved muscle-atrophy avoidance course or perhaps days on end pulling slot machines in Vegas for preparation.’
      • ‘A finding of neglect can spur the need for action, and thus contribute to the avoidance of suicides in the future.’
  • 2Law
    The action of repudiating, nullifying, or rendering void a decree or contract.

    ‘insurance underwriters could not rely on non-disclosure to justify avoidance of the contract’
    • ‘If the conferment of a right of avoidance ceases to make commercial or legal sense, then it should be treated as having been exhausted.’
    • ‘Avoidance for innocent misrepresentation or nondisclosure is not permitted, unless the law prohibits such an exclusion.’
    • ‘One of the contractual purposes is to prevent the avoidance of the statutory restrictions.’
    • ‘On this basis, no question of avoidance ab initio would arise.’
    • ‘The avoidance of dissolution has the effect which one would have expected.’