Definition of AVO in English:



  • ‘a high rate of AVOs being issued indicates high levels of domestic violence’
    • ‘We're seeing if an AVO can be granted on an interim basis straight away.’
    • ‘This week the news has been dominated by reports of AVOs taken out by teachers against students and parents.’
    • ‘Five years later, in order to get an AVO she came to court.’
    • ‘He was breaching his AVO by threatening violence.’
    • ‘She said his AVO claims were "absolute rubbish".’
    • ‘So I went to a court to initiate that AVO.’
    • ‘Our ultimate aim is to reduce the number of women who withdraw from the AVO process.’
    • ‘She sought the AVO and reinstituted the proceedings.’
    • ‘Research that revealed many women were fearful about obtaining an AVO, in particular going to court.’
    • ‘The man, who has a number of AVOs out on him, began screaming and shouting at the inspector.’

Definition of avo in English:



  • A monetary unit of Macao, equal to one hundredth of a pataca.

    • ‘The official monetary currency of Macau is the Pataca (or MOP$) which is divided into 100 avos.’
    • ‘Coins come in 10, 20, and 50 avos and 1, 5, and 10 patacas.’